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Fastest awper?
USA's weath is impressive?
I've been in the states for 3 months right now and I can't obviously put myself in a position to say I have points to retort your statement. But Trump's foreign policy seems fine and is anti-war. The ...
USA's weath is impressive?
A 3rd world country where if the medical sector collapses, innovation would pretty much be non-existent? makes sense.
USA's weath is impressive?
People who shit on the USA for no reason are retarded.
Winning or having fun?
Nah I would love to win everyday but I generally do have a good time and mess around even with randoms. Our go to fooling around move is the LEEROY JENKINS play with deagle+flash pop outside squeaky o...
chemistry experts come here
Damn yeah thanks.
chemistry experts come here
wait if the complex is positive doesn't the metal ion get named first. My chemistry is real bad sorry i didn't notice the alphabet. Always hated chemistry.
chemistry experts come here
tetra-chloro di-aqua ferrate (III). I guess since the complex is negative the ligand should be named first.
R8 ass 18+
KSI????....!!!! Logan should've just done this.
Indians come here
triple ply toilet paper.
Absolute tank.
Kim jong un
is voice wtf??????????
FaZe vs Vitality
God damn two of my favorite teams going head to head...who do I root for? Zywoo getting #1 anyways so let's go face ig.