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Is baiting bad?
Baiting is good you if it has impact. But if you bait every round to be the last one alive on your team while getting 1-2 kills, it does not mean much if that does not convert to round wins. But then ...
C9.fer and C9.TACO [INSIDE]
If this happens, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
best Rammstein song?
Impossible to say for me... Sehnsucht, ich will, puppe and sonne come to mind now, but so many are great and it depends a little on my mood
Best Finnish player?
allu, no question because he has been good for long and has a very high skill cap. I still believe though that Jamppi could surpass him, if he did not have the VAC thing. Sergej could do it too, he w...
"FaZe.FalleN" threads
FalleN will never fit current FaZe with coldzera in it.
These MiBR are at least giving 100% towards one thing; burning down their legacy. Cheating, twitter drama, hackusations, intentionally riling up fans, and now they even can't beat these low level Euro...
Heroic vs Vitality
can vitality even win if zywoo does not get 30 bomb and 1.3+ rating?
G2 vs OG
KennyS titan flashbacks
G2 vs OG
Jesus what an unreasonable risk to take from long
G2 vs OG
OG has a perfect read on G2 now, if G2 want to keep up they have to do something different
G2 vs OG
Did G2 switch their lineup between matches
G2 vs OG
17-0 insane
G2 vs OG
Dat navi strat Gamers2
Then why cheer for them if you dont even like them? You already have a much better team with better and more respectful personalities in Furia.
Yeah, hopefully someone does a proper translation of the article in portuquese so brasilians could actually read facts on these "heros" of their country