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biggest wasted talents
s1mple under zeus, he was so good and was wasted in a lineup with zeus and edward. imo he was supposed to win so much more thankfully there is still hope for them in this "new" navi Also: k0nfig Re...
top 5 players from your country
5. ottond 4. allu 3. Jamppi 2. suNny 1. sergej
CS:GO best raw aim players of all time
lmao lekro and f0rest above s1mple
Vitality without zywoo
Switch s1mple and zywoo zywoo never had zeus or edward on his team
this is the 4th for havu no way they can focus after those and actually qualifying to Rotterdam
Three Bo3's in one day, and still one to come. Insane
aleksib cringe
12- year olds and insecure people cringe at everything
NRG will win the Major
Nrg or liquid. Whoever makes it, is going to get an easy final
aleksib cringe
Imagine being op
scandinavian cs dead
did u watch the match on friday?
Aleksib tells his future plans
Why tf would anyone remove rain from FaZe, the most impactful player there after NiKo
worst org. logo?
The worst is definitely cr4zy. No style, no cool details, generic colours and ugly stickers. Worst rebrand ever #gocr4zy #dontfakeit Honorable mentions: NRG (boring, trying to be retro and fails mi...
yeah, if true this means ence will fall of outside top-5 imo... I really hope he does not join Faze
Twistzz was bullied in school
Best revenge is success. Without a doubt he has now achieved more than the bullies ever will. Wait until some them start to try befriending Twistzz now that he is famous
Top 5 IGLs right now
True list: 1) Gla1ve (was the undeniable best, and still is great, some ring-rust imo now) 2) aleksib (elevated a team with only 2 great players as the thrid best team right now and arguably has the...