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Today excuse : i was seeing the enemies location but i didnt say anything to my teammates (after mibr's coach being banned due to bug exploit)
1) the white noise system was loud and i didnt hear footsteps (after losing against VP - DH vegas 2017)
2) i cant spray with only 180 fps and evil ADM didnt help my cause (after losing against BIG)
3) CZ is too overpower. this weapon has to leave cs (after mibr perma losing against pistols)
4) CHAOS cheating (cs summit 6)
6) don't care about this event (ESL Pro League Season 11 North America - they said they would focus on flashpoint tier 4 event, which they lost as well)
7) MAD LIONS spin defusing (flashpoint 2020) one day before saying that, guess what:
8) we didnt have advantage comming from upper bracket (blast spring 2020 and flashpoint)
9) headset hurting ears
10) we were prioritising WESG over ELEAGUE (out in groups in WESG, got destroyed by Russia and BIG and finished in last place with 0$)
11) two bo3 in 1 day against opponent with only 1 bo3 (ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals)
12) 2 agressive players in the team
13) not used to play nuke (when they tried to play it and got destroyed a dozen times in a row)
14) new player (after not winning anything with meyern)
15) DDOS attack
16) language barrier (when playing with tarik and stewie2k after half a year)
17) jetlag (Asia Championships 2019)
18) saving strats for major (in the major they said that , they lost, also they became the first team to get 16x0'ed in a major)
19) we only wanted legends status (Eleague Major 2017)
20) blast stream has delay (after MIBR coach being caught stream-sniping in Blast Spring 2020) (u can see blast logo at 14sec)
21) enemy was using smoke radar BUG (after being destroyed by glaive)
22) playing with coach (StarLadder Major Berlin 2019)
23) two matches in the same day (ELEAGUE)
24) crowd helping enemy (acuse others of doing what you are doing, right? - ELeague Boston Major 2018)
25) felps is stand-in (when they brought back the guy who played 1 entire year with them)
26) we had 1 player that didnt know the basics of cs (after being 16x0'ed by renegades)
27) first event of the year (blast spring)
28) new coach (after bringing their old coach zews who played years with them)
29) tired (IEM chicago / DreamHack Masters Malmo)
30) meta is different to the one we are used to play (when they couldnt abuse KRIEG any longer)
31) in the practices "we are spanking everyone, winning like 80% games" (fer and fallen trying to explain what happened after being humiliated by g2 in ESL cologne 2020)
32) fer is playing with only 30% of hearing
33) our best map was removed from map pool
34) had the same situation in 2015
35) enemy used 6 tech pauses to break our momentum
36) we had higher ping than the enemy
37) taco got sick
38) didnt practice due to holidays
39) hotel too loud (Asia Championships)
40) spike lags (BLAST Premier)
41) too much stressful (DH Malmo)
42) Major PCs were not good (DH Malmo)
43) not enough time time to create new strats (DH Malmo)
44) too much tournaments (DH Malmo)
45) we dont have coach
46) I got the flu and it disburbed my gameplay (after losing 0-2 against tyloo)
47) major lost its prestige
48) packet loss
49) our PCs were bad
50) taco not allowed to use his hat

for the excuses 29,41,42,43,44 watch the video below
for the excuse 31:
so, whats your favorite one?
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