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IEM Katowice Major winner
okey missed that one, but astalis nip has 10-7 in matches the closest you get with astralis
Gay marriage ?
who cares? you know marrige is a religion thing right? but no one who gets married belives in god. So if something, dont allow marrige cos its gay and fake religion
IEM Katowice Major winner
we are talking about lan..
Your experiences dating single mothers
not normal, but unless ts is looking for a permenent gf right now, as he stated he isnt. He this is his last chance to get a girl who has no kids. But i guess it depends who you are. i whoul never ge...
IEM Katowice Major winner
guess you never look at matches? last bo3 nip vs astalis was won by nip. Nip is the only team who wins vs astralis they know it and nip knows it and its a big topic every time they face each other
IEM Katowice Major winner
? it all depends on the draft, astralis nip final = nip wins astralis nip semi = nip go to final and lose vs navi
Your experiences dating single mothers
if your 21 you will more or less only date singel mothers from now on :/ But sure you can find a girl without kids, but there is probably a reason why she has no kids yet
IEM Katowice Major winner
faze will not win. Possible winners Astalis Navi NiP
turks are not arab
+1 just like a european aint a european if he lives in some countery with another name then european
You stink in your language?
du lukter
EZ Top 6
4. F0rest 5. Get_right 6. ReZ
rate my chance
ctrl+V thread
Donald Trump supporters come here
who cares what someone who dosent exist hates?
Donald Trump supporters come here