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That's pretty optimistic, but gl. If this comment is picked I'd like that 50e donated to a charity.
That's how I've been playing since 2008 mens(
E3 Ubisoft BAD
Take-Two said Rockstar won't participate from what I've heard
Djokovic doubters
1 more grand slam and he's an undisputed greatest
how to cheer up big sister?
Make her a nice lunch or dinner or even some cookies. Take her out to do something you know she enjoys a lot to take her mind off of this. Also as many have said give her some time, but be there for h...
Overrated games
Witcher 3 was the worst 15e I had ever spent. Installed, watched cutscenes for an hour, uninstalled.
Free discord nitro on epicgames
You play like nitr0
Worst thing in the morning
I just got my 2nd monitor before my final project and I wish I had done it sooner. I had 4 instances of an IDE open along with a bunch of Chrome tabs on the previous project and that was the final str...
Music to read/sleep/study
Metal has allegedly been show to calm people down, even extreme subgenres such as thrash, death or black metal. It works for me that's for sure.
Guitar players come
I've only been playing electric for 6 months, but it sounds pretty good to me. The amp is crazy for it's price. Hook it up to a PC, couple of clicks and I'm James Hetfield. Even if you don't hook it u...
Average PC time per day
1-2 since uni started. I do spend a couple of hours watching YouTube on my phone though.
Average PC time per day
Had a few crazy projects at uni so last month I probably averaged 8 hours a day and none of that was spent on games
Guitar players come
I have an ESP LTD EC-401 and a Boss Katana 50 MK2. I mostly play heavy metal, thrash, punk and some other rock.