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My nick is Kuvars, not Kurwas. It means quartz. I am 21 years old from Turkey. I started cs with 1.5 when I was 11 years old. Later, I have started 1.6 and played it for 10 years. I have never played CS:GO, because I didn't want to ruin my aim. However, I really like to watch most CS GO matches. I no longer play any computer/console games, but follow sometimes.
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Then you should believe your god. Otherwise, your emptiness will be delayed, but not gonna fix. Because after you enjoy gf, hobbies etc, when you done every perfect thing in this world, you will defin...
The only solution to loneliness is family. Believe me. Friends or girlfriend can't be a cure to your feelings. If you don't have mother/father, you should marry. You will see the interesting and big d...
Good old maps which feels you old :')
That was really epic map.
Good old maps which feels you old :')
Its first developed as de_castle, than expanded to de_cbble, then entered cs:go as cobblestone. It was fun to watch that map in pro scene, but they ban it because the map was large and everbody was sa...
Good old maps which feels you old :')
Oh, thanks for correction.
Good old maps which feels you old :')
de_italy, the map where I met chickens for the first time in Counter Strike.
Good old maps which feels you old :')
Entering Mario was hard for many players... :)
Good old maps which feels you old :')
It remembers me the irritating guy who always sits the toilet.
Good old maps which feels you old :')
Aztec was pretty enjoying. Wish its played in pro scene, but it was a real big map.
Good old maps which feels you old :')
That was a good one. I remember the melody of the piano :)
best csgo match you have ever seen
Space soldiers - mousesports at Boston Major.
United states of Africa, oh , they are not in eu
First match you watched
Turkey vs all the world in 2016. We rekt everybody, achieve 7-0 in groups than won the world cup. Good old days... https://www.hltv.org/events/2311/world-championship-2016
Best way to kill someone (in theory)
This is what happens if you play too much Hitman. You idiot.
3rd year of computer science department of engineering faculty in the capital of my country. Life is good, no longer playing computer games, as you read in my bio.