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RiP king of hltv..
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ZywOO skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he
top toxic countries in csgo
1-Russia 2-Poland 3-sadly Turkey
Atheism is for teenagers
Islam is the truth)) ez katka
Lulquid will lose
Islam hate?
As you know they exploded in Turkey 9 bombs with like this but they are brainwashed, they have no hope about world and they think that they will go heaven if they do it
Islam hate?
Brainwashed radicals made by EUs and non-Muslims ez
Islam hate?
As i mentioned , it is not done by Muslims. if it is, they must be brainwashed by EUs or munafıks Maybe done by Christians but behave like Muslims? It is possible to make our religion bad reputation "...
Islam hate?
Bro, it is not like you think. Jihad is not only with gun, jihad is something makes Islam and Muslims better. Nowadays war is silly c'mon Their acts are all bad and will be punished judgement day. As...
Islam hate?
Sadly, but i don't cry due to this. I think you should start to cry
Islam hate?
Terrorism doesn't have a religion, i can say that i am christian and kill people , in the end does everyone say Christians killed? You know New Zaeland issue right? Most of jihadist bombers are brainw...
Unexpected from s1mple fan, it is easy to get them tilted I agree and really both need better team Also Heroic was lucky about rotations and yeah botward caused a bit
guess why i cry
s1mple & NiKo in one room rn
Navi ruined s1mple
BIG s1mple
Flair and name check out