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NiKo's aim is overrated
LOL thinking NiKo can igl cause he says he can
Astralis not that good
Astralis not that good
they've lost one final in the past year out of 14 or so finals how are they chokers just because they were 4 years ago???
Astralis not that good
heroic navi was 10 days ago LOL nt Bra7i1
Astralis not that good
Zeus and Edward are #3 cause they literally have the best player to play counterstrike in the best form ever seen. It's easier to be trash when s1mple goes +30 in every big series.
Astralis not that good
You didnt post 'facts' You just claimed that this current scene is the worst it has ever been even though no expert/analyst supports this idea. The only evidence you have are outlier matches (you can...
Give a Major Title 2 a player
+1 African union
They are both babies so this thread checks out
God exist - 11 arguments
The problem is it is infinitely impossible to disprove a positive claim with 100% certainty. We don't see hard scientific evidence for god right? Even though that is the case, it's entirely possible t...
God exist - 11 arguments
You just go one step further than an atheist does. Instead of believing in 0 of the thousands of gods in existence, you believe in 1. Wow, what a difference that makes. You're still, even if a god exi...
God exist - 11 arguments
you're right, you cant actually prove yourself wrong. But the burden of proof is on you to prove that your positive claim (god) is correct. If I was to say there is a space-ship out the front of your ...
God exist - 11 arguments
God exist - 11 arguments
how is a lack of faith a faith?
EZ4ENCE Respect
jesus christ, ence arent gods
Asian girls
cambodia lol