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How to enjoy life?
Try to go working out at the gym and go to a massage center. First you should remove your stress and then concentrate in your studies/work. That's my opinion, but if you want a professional answer, I ...
And if they brought Thomas as well it would be insane and the first England-American team: ALEX - IGL mezii - Support Thomas - Rifler floppy - Entry oSee - AWP Elmappudy - Coach
congratulations to sinners, they reached top 32 on hltv world ranking :)
your dream team?
s1mple / Zywoo - AWPer gla1ve - IGL xyp9x - Support XANTARES - Entry NiKo - Lurker / 2nd AWP zonic/zews - Coach
2630 ELO SoloQ
I played at Mucha Pro League Division 2, i think there you can find good teammates, although sometimes toxics (they are everywhere so we can't avoid them), but if you make your way to go to Mucha Pro ...
2630 ELO SoloQ
in my opinion that's great, but i think you should play with some premades which you found either in SoloQ or in Portugal.
ChrisJ played as an AWPer until oskar joined mousesports, so it's not like he was leaving his "main role (support)". ChrisJ needed to become a secondary awper to be the IGL of mousesports until karrig...
girlfriend but no friends
I think if she's your girlfriend it's ok to say that you have no friends and explain the reason why, because probably she will understand. Like if you two are dating you have more confidence than you ...
Godsent Taco roster leak
dumau was playing for Yeah Gaming and b4rtin for Team One. They played some "Tier 1" North American Tournaments (we all know we can't compare North America to Europe), but now they're going to a bootc...
Taco team
TACO is going to be the IGL and captain of the team. He will be a secondary awper as well. I think felps or latto would be the main awper.
Niko, Device, S1mple, Zywoo
what do you mean my flair?
I discord it, he did pretty well while playing for c0ntact even losing games, his k/d was consistent and he wasnt even playing his main role. But in the end idk, sunpayus is also an iberic young talen...
just sad. in my opinion he played well the whole year, he was the most consistent player in BIG even better than syrson who reached the top 10.
Xantares to be the 5th or the 4th best player in 2020.