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build me pc
simple motherboard to support all of these a simple computer case intel core i7 nvidia gtx 1660 super 16 gb ram 250 gb sdd 1tb hdd 600W power supply
Pro of each team
wtf no mir?
+1, LUCAS1 is a bitch role player, and he played well considering the role he had with the last MIBR line-up in the end of 2020.
new Spanish Super Team: ALEX - IGL / Support mopoz - 2nd Entry sunPayus - AWP sausol - Entry arki / Deathzz - Lurker
TRK - The Real King
oh I completely forgot steelega. yeah, now the team looks nice: trk fer RCF zevy steelega
TRK - The Real King
#21 , tell me what do you think about that team. also consider that "+1 Brazilian player" could be skullz
TRK - The Real King
no the name trk stands for the character Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. He told that in a video made by MIBR when they revamped their roster in late 2020.
TRK - The Real King
trk fer RCF SHOOWTiME +1 Brazilian player.
I met Nivera
mopoz - DM Server anarkez, shushan, meztal, basso, fejtz - Faceit Qualifier Innocent, fox, Mutiris, rmn, arki, Boombl4 and v$m - IRL Events edit: and also stadodo, JUST and pr in an IRL Event.
Faze FIX
yeah, but the problem is that neither kennyS nor nivera are free agents rn. Idk if FaZe could spend a big amount of money to bring one of them.
Faze FIX
+1 nice names, but imo i wouldn't kick broky. -rain +NBK is ok. -karrigan + Alex, idk. btw, neither nivera nor kennyS are free agents.
Faze FIX
-rain +a good entry or a bitch role player like sjuush if you want to kick karrigan then: -karrigan +MSL