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1st worlders come now
Is that a standard rate in Europe ? In India where I live, 50/50Mbps for almost 73$ (US) for a year. So it costs me around 6$ per month.
Smoothest aim.
Rain and Niko has the smoothest aim IMO.
netflix series
1.La casa de papel(Money heist) 2. Better call Saul 3.peaky blinders 4.ozark 5.troy: fall of city 6.Marco polo 7.the last kingdom 8.Sacred games All of them are fun to watch and not in any particul...
Favourite player from each country?
Denmark: valde Sweden: JW USA: autimatic Canada: twistzz Poland: Bentet Brazil: fallen Finland: Aleksib France: -NBK Germany: tabsen Russia: electronic Ukraine: s1mple China: somebody Australia: JKS
Why fnatic.JW is so cocky?
Democrats fucked up
Because the premise of investigation was to find evidence regarding Russia and Trump collusion, but all 34 indictment are violation of financials law and it had nothing to do with Russia.
NaVi roster
I don't think Na'vi will change their roster till the next major, unless they bombed the starseries season 7. If I have to change Na'vi roster then it'll be : -zeus, +boombl4 -edward, +qikert.
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
Sure that makes more sense.
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
I don't think they will change roster unless they find decent Igl, so considering this my fix will be : Niko - playmaker/2nd entry Rain - entry Golden - IGL Olof - support Guardian - AWP in future i...
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
+999 seriously like no one has watched him IGL for g2 recently.
FaZe BLAST Vetoes
Rifler s1mple vs NiKo
Inconsistent ? Dude, Niko was top 3 despite faze was shit whole year.
how will astralis fall
Sure, you are correct but still astralis would have won anyway.
how will astralis fall
C'mon bro Na'vi lost to Ence, do you seriously believe that they would have win against astralis. And besides this major's seeding was almost flawless, so if Na'vi didn't make it to final then they a...