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1.6 little known things
It was if u were holding forward and either right or left first bullet was super accurate
Female CSGO
Its not that female csgo is bad is that women aren't as good as men at sports. Yes there are some women who are better than some men at some sports. Im talking best of the best vs best of the best. ...
Nerf Deagle Daily Thread
Its a handgun in a game. U try shooting a super powerful hand gun accurately over a long range
In the games i seen recently they look disjointed lile there not all on the same page.
HenryG exposed
Keep it off twitter. She doing it for attention cos shes salty that he moved on so she rationalises that he did wrong to her and will embarasem him.
Cry is free Device
when you say "its just what it is" kind of just give him a pass to be a dick. ahh thats just what it is. i know this is me being a dick but i feel like hes not that good of an analyst he can string wo...
Cry is free Device
So thorins style is click bait and trolling?
Cry is free Device
I really think thorin will write and say whatever he feels will get liked. He always talks shit and tries to sound like he knows what hes on about.
Sports GOAT
I see it like this who would u rather have in your team in a champions league final. I would want ronaldo. There is something bout messi in some of those massive games or when there like 3-0 down he s...
Sports GOAT
True that the doc would try make him look good. Someone of this things he did were amazing though. Dont see a documentary bout many people
device vs thorin
I agree with dev1ce on this. Thorin talking like a teenager who just been found out for talking crap and is clasping at straws cos his whole persona has been dismantled by someone who has actually ach...
device vs thorin
Thorin is like all the childish trolls on the internet combined and given some kind of voice within this scene. He always talks like he knows it all and is an authority on the matter. Most of his pred...
Sports GOAT
After watching the documentary about micheal jordan he is a rare person that in the biggest games he came through and made a massive impact. He got to be GOAT in basketball Tennis : Federer Football...
valorant 200k on launch
agreed, it may have its problems but people will always find things to complain about. how about all the great things about it? i hope it keeps evolving and keeps getting better. it wont always be smo...
valorant 200k on launch
The records happening now are not indicative of the norm, due to coronavirus. Also most of the people saying "dead game" mainly just saying it for a laugh. Cs has been evolving for decades and is sl...