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Omg don't call him a Liquid fan
i mean their country literally used to be a prison so not really their fault xd
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i mean i dont know how you can argue that astralis are the best team in the world right now
Cloud 9 Hype Threat
all they need is tim he win major once he do it again
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cant argue with no
i dont know who i hate more
sorry just to go back to your comment when you said "there are braindead people who can't have independent thought. Are they not human?" my answer is simple no they are not as they have no control of ...
hahahahhahahahhahhahahaahahhhasahahshahahhahahaha holy fucking shit someone saw the big boi canadian use big words and got scared so went to google hahahaahahahahahaha
i mean you pretty much ignored my main point we're not talking about people who have developed conditions later in life at all at the end of the day as long as the fetus hasnt developed its the choice...
i mean a fetus isnt a person because it doesnt have the capacity to feel pain or have independent thought and its the mother who should have the choice whether to keep it or not. The state should have...
name 1 top tier swis player LUL
Present for runner-ups!
its only the ones who lose to Astralis in the final that win blast after
Is dog an insult?
flag checks out
they're the fucking devil mens wdym
you know i cannot understand how so many people can be so fucking braindead when it comes to immigration fuck me
nope easiest 0-3 in my life if they lost against a shaky MIBR they've got no chance against an actual good team like Cra4y haha