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do not throw just dont get upset if you see its a loss-its mind games-so you will not be tilted next game.If you put everything you got in a 100% prob loss game you will be tilted next game.
high % of the players in my team are good-i am not toxic towards my team when i play solo-i have good vibes and that help the solo team to play good.If there is a toxic player in my team i just mute h...
i have reached level 10 solo only-you can do it :) Now my aim is to go to 3000 elo solo :)
Best language to learn?
English will do the work all over the world.
How to make G2 top1
they just need more time playing together-maybe adding a new coach or additional coach will improve the team
Greece HELP us pls
:) huehue-you are the first country for refuge-greece is the second so they transform from refuge to migrant who seeks work.Not gonna happen.If Greece open the borders that means EU just needs more wo...
Norway 5 mil population sitting on a trillion euro oil income-its normal to be in the top
Hacker in real life
there are still internet cafe clubs?
Only game that can kill CS
China wrecks Corona virus
lol maybe dont reply after 1 second post
China wrecks Corona virus
Banning stuff like this game that wont hurt anyone is a sign of weakness- so how China will be n1 superpower with such mentality-that never gonna happen.USA and EU will unite even more and still will ...
how to keep up my diet
yes-cut the soda and you will lose tons of weight
BO5 is the worst
agree-bo3 should be the norm