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Help Me !
Ah, OK. I thought you don't have anything better to do and rather prefer spending time playing a game (that seriously) than finding what you're interested in.
Help Me !
Do you plan on becoming a pro?
Are women less intelligent?
Wut? Women don't have intelligence?
Are women less intelligent?
Might make sense in French but in English it really means nothing.
Are women less intelligent?
Yeah, getting into college is such a hard thing to do. Men actually realize you don't need a degree for most of things when women go to college in order to become party monsters.
Are women less intelligent?
Her daddy bought it so it's understandable the dumbass bitch doesn't know how to use it.
r8 swedish girl
No, usually fucking Indians and dumb Arabs.
r8 swedish girl
Too thicc and not my type 3/8.
Free antivirus
You don't need any if you don't go to sketchy sites to click random links.
What gift do I give?
Basically cuck yourself. Nice idea!
What gift do I give?
You aren't obliged to. ROFL!
What gift do I give?
Very bad decision! People usually have taste in books so how can you know whether she'll like it or not.
What gift do I give?
Jewels? She's not his wife. It's an investition definitely not worth it.
[+18] Danish girls murdered in Morocco
Don't translate literally from one language to another.
Old Music vs Todays music
Don't listen to MAINSTREAM pop (nothing wrong with pop genre) if you feel like you've heard everything. People who could be considered mainstream use the "hit formula" and don't really care about lyri...