Brazilian man who supports MIBR.

Marcelo 'Coldzera' David is the GOAT
SK/LG Era best era in CS:GO
s1mple choker 0-2 loss in grand final of majors OMEGALUL

Best Moment in CounterStrike History:

MIBR Top 1

Baitzera is probably the most popular mischaracterization of any pro player. It's like half of hltv have never watched him play.

Sure, he doesn't get many entry frags but that's never been his job on the team. Nobody complains that s1mple doesn't support enough, or that Magisk doesn't get enough AWP kills, so why do people always criticize cold for not doing something his team doesn't want him to do? On a team with aggressive players like fer and fallen, for cold to try to do their jobs as well as his own would be actively detrimental. It would be like Sebastien Vettel getting out of the car during pit stops and helping to change the tyres - it wouldn't help the pit crew and it sure as hell wouldn't help him drive.

Watch MIBR or SK games and see how many times a round almost falls apart, but then cold brings things under control with important trades or by locking down a site. And if the round really does fall apart, there are few players as slippery as cold: the chances are good that he'll save a gun into the next round and maybe get an exit frag or two, giving the team a better chance to win on the following round. If you really want to dismiss all that as "just baiting" then you're crazy, there's more to CS than just getting opening kills.

But don't believe me, I'm just some guy on hltv: how about s1mple naming cold as the best player he's ever played against?

Imagine sitting ur fatass on the couch, eating whatever you are at ur three story house with the heat on, then typing a hate messege about a team only because they are from a 3rd world area.

Cold, fallen, and fer's run is 2000x more impressive than the Astralis run or the fnatic run, these guys grew up from literally nothing, they had nothing, they came from nothing, their families are nothing. I dont know about the financial situation of the prime fnatic and astralis players but im sure its 10x better than the MIBR core players.

why insult a person from a 3rd world country? it just makes what they've done even more impressive

He started playing at the high level CS scene in August 2015, look at everything he's done so far... RESPECT him lil bitches.
top 10 2018 for sure, 7 ~ 10. (You'll see)

2016: Best eSports Player in the World
2016: Best Player of the World by HLTV
2016: Best Player of the World by GosuGamers website
2016: Best Play of the Year by PC GAMER
2017: Best Player of the World by HLTV
2x Major Winner
2x Major MVP
1.25 rating in majors/all time including 2018.
Great stats even playing in a fucking bad year for his team and teammates.
Even with a trash year still better than 99,9% of the fucking players in the world including you, so stop talking shit about him Mother Fuckers, that's all I wanted to say, have a good day <3

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