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m0NESY: "I'm sure that I'm ready for tier 1"
We've seen hundreds of arrogant kids and there's only a couple examples they turned out as really good players. And s1 isn't so arrogant anymore (and started to win smth after the change tho)
m0NESY: "I'm sure that I'm ready for tier 1"
He's so cocky XD "I don't need education" "I'm sure that I'm ready for t1" "It doesn't matter if you're over 20" "That wasn't their fault, they were just not ready" Bruh... I'd love to see that interv...
Young Ninjas vs NAVI Junior
well, imo, Navi was playing 3v7 in 2018-2019. Maybe flamie wasn't so good, but compared to Zeus and Edward he was godlike Although you're right about "not really past year", I'd change it too "since 2...
Young Ninjas vs NAVI Junior
you're clearly not following the scene for a long time Flamie was mediocre at 2015, 2019, good at 2016-2018, in 2020-2021 he wasn't and was obviously pulling team down, but we shouldn't forget the imp...
Young Ninjas vs NAVI Junior
he was horrible only for past year, at the beginning he was second best in the team after s1mple
Is kfc good?
It's pretty good in my city, but depends on the actual place a lot (if there's smb from Ekb, KFC near Passage is dogshit imo). I like it more than other popular fastfoods, although feel so heavy in th...
Top 5 Anime
Well, it's way too dramatic for no reason sometimes, but overall great anime. Kinda depends on whether you like dramas or not
Top 5 Anime
In no order Erased Psycho-pass Violet Evergarden No Game - No Life Vinland Saga Dr Stone Although I haven't watched most popular animes (shonens) like AOT, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter etc
Virtus.pro vs MOUZ
JW released from fnatic: "It is time for me to start writing the next chapter"
legend ofc, but finally tbh
mouz new logo
Well, this logo is okayish but previous one was glorious, way better overall imo and pretty minimalistic as well, why would they change it