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your latest "ctrl + c"?
https://oauth.vk.com/blank.html#access_token=[ONLY PREMIUM HLTV USERS CAN SEE THIS]&expires_in=0&user_id=[ONLY PREMIUM HLTV USERS CAN SEE THIS]
Story behind your HLTV name
I was 6yo when I came up with this nickname so I just stick with it. The reason was I believe because everyone around said that I'm very silent and calm child while I was watching some cartoons where ...
Valorant any good?
Very hard to play CS after six month of Valorant Overall I like Valorant more than CS, but I feel like community here is more toxic than cs one and solo queue is really painful rn at low-mid elo (<dia...
spotify playlist mens)))
ok sharing my playlist as well https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5izNG1Bi6NAXnBl8raqDlI?si=5224ae8271c94826
CSGO: FIFA ratings
There's nobody with rating higher than 93 besides Ultimate League
we're in the endtimes!
lmao first two youtube comments are so true
yeah, but anyways he's playing good for coach
I mean, spray and tap/burst is on the same rights in cs, but in Valo no one sprays on high ranks besides multikills because you'll be instantly hsed if you start to spray
I know, just baiting XD
spray sucks in Valorant, actually bad at everything besides multikills. You can become consistent with it tho
quite opposite because you're forced to tap/bursting and not spray n pray
there's no imm3 in Valorant dude
because there's no spray patterns in Valorant, it's random after like 10 bullets