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Device call S1mple
You can be high and you can be... wtfmen
[+18] WTF?
well I got 289 ms... So I guess you aren't the worst in the world xD My worst try was 340 ms lolz
Top 20 players 2018: 15th
No I know, but I mean, he isn’t bad but when he misses a shot, his teammates can back him up at any time, meanwhile S1mple is pretty much on his own, trying to keep his rating high. So I mean device w...
And tbh if device had inconsistent teammates like S1mple (not electronic, even though he also has some down games now and then), he wouldn’t be at the level where he is right now, S1mple, having a 1.3...
If you say ecovice I’ll say exitSimple... but I have to admit that everyone who isn’t braindead would see that S1mple is better than device, like 0.1 rating higher, that’s a hell of a difference
Lemme guess ur IQ
Ropz is a country
"more competitive scene"
glad to hear that ^^, you're a nice guy too =) (I bet delusional Astralis fans will write down now that I'm an alt account of yours xD)
"more competitive scene"
+1 I totally agree, I'm an astrals fan but not braindead (I hope xd). Idk what these kids are talking about when they say 'competitive scene' like seriously, the only teams who have won more than 1 to...
well actually not watching the game so didn't know that based on your comment xd but yes, in those circumstances with a missed flash, he should've clutched that to prove he's worth it to be considered...
like nobody else from a tier 1 team ever lost a clutch against Styko LUL
Sharks ???????
it's like standing exactly on the North Pole: searching for north... north not found
s1mple #1
Tbh I find it sick that happy got a kd diff of 685, didn't know that until now lol, pretty sick
s1mple #1
well cold is out of the picture, because like the man above said, not only individual skill matters, but the achievements of them team too. And since sk/mibr have like 0 tier 1 achievements this year,...