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GamerLegion vs Windigo
inferno was throw by windogs, now ez dust for them
GamerLegion vs Windigo
ahahah yeap not throw match, only fair play
GamerLegion vs Windigo
yeap, insane good in throw strategy
GamerLegion vs Windigo
its fucking 322 100%, windogs play like shit all ct site, and after 14-10 WOW THEY PLAY LIKE A PRO ofc ofc
GamerLegion vs Windigo
ofc lost all handi and now 16-14 or 14-16
GamerLegion vs Windigo
oh okay, now dirty throwers windigo want lose game)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
AVANGAR vs Movistar Riders
avangar first nuke, wow
FURIA vs fnatic
br trash deserve to lose, wp fnatic :)
FURIA vs fnatic
br trash nice lost vs pistols, now lost game)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Grayhound vs NIP
fuuuh almost lost my 24.5 rounds handi, fucking nip
Grayhound vs NIP
i think he stay in team, bcs he friend with somebody...
Grayhound vs NIP
Round over - Winner: CT (9 - 6) - Bomb defused malta defused the bomb malta killed Plopski with m4a1 (headshot) malta + dexter (assist) killed REZ with m4a1 REZ planted the bomb (2on1) malta + INS (...
Grayhound vs NIP
Round over - Winner: CT (9 - 5) - Bomb defused INS defused the bomb INS + malta (assist) killed twist with ak47 INS killed Lekr0 with deagle Lekr0 planted the bomb (2on1) twist + Plopski (assist) k...
Movistar Riders vs Syman
match vs sprot 100% throw, sprut anything won, but spanish retards somehow win 12 rounds on ct, but now can do anything,
Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
bet under 25.5 rounds, now mouse want win it 16-10 :(((((((