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Rooster vs Fenrir
what wrong with chelleos? why hes so bad?
gypsys lost this game, 9-1 - go throw - lose all clutches, 9-9 what a funny game))
Chaos vs Triumph
Round over - Winner: CT (9 - 6) - Bomb defused Shakezullah defused the bomb penny + junior (assist) killed leaf with ak47 leaf killed moose with ak47 (headshot) leaf killed junior with ak47 (headshot)... vs Secret
why the fuck vp sooooooooooooo like to choke ez rounds...
FURIA vs Liquid
Round over - Winner: T (5 - 3) - Enemy eliminated Grim killed yuurih with ak47 (headshot) Grim killed VINI with ak47 yuurih + KSCERATO (assist) killed Stewie2K with ak47 (headshot) Grim planted the bo...
FURIA vs Liquid
this monkeys so stupid, its cant be real)))
Secret vs Winstrike
dude, ruski retards lost all rounds vs pistols and clutches, they can even end half like 10-5 11-4, but got only 9-6
Secret vs Winstrike
ruski degenerates, lost all rounds vs pistols, lose all clutches)) wellplayted
VERTEX vs Paradox
dude, no matter which side r better, if u want to win, u just cant lost 2x5 rounds, no?
VERTEX vs Paradox
322 started here Round over - Winner: CT (7 - 4) - Enemy eliminated tensai killed dangeR with ak47 (headshot) tensai killed ekul with ak47 (headshot) pz killed Versa with awp tensai + BRACE (assist) ...
FATE vs HellRaisers
kalinka + ProbLeM (assist) killed niki1 with usp_silencer niki1 killed ProbLeM with glock (headshot) Round over - Winner: CT (8 - 8) - Bomb defused kalinka defused the bomb ProbLeM killed mar with usp...
FATE vs HellRaisers
Round over - Winner: CT (11 - 8) - Target saved jR + kalinka (assist) killed niki1 with hkp2000 (headshot) niki1 killed ProbLeM with ak47 h4rn killed Flarich with ak47 ProbLeM + JIaYm (assist) killed ...
Secret vs Nordavind
2 eco's )))))))))) yeap, not strange at all, yeah yeah
Secret vs Nordavind
PERCY killed Inzta with ak47 Round over - Winner: CT (11 - 11) - Bomb defused Inzta defused the bomb PERCY killed HS with ak47 Ryxxo killed anarkez with awp PERCY planted the bomb (2on3) Ryxxo killed ...
forZe vs x6tence
bet on under 27.5 - game ended 16-12 this fucking ruski bots just lose every round with 5x3, cis garbage))))