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Best Astralis player
Well said
Who will end astralis nuke streak?
I think NiP will do it, but I think Astralis will manage to achieve longest streak on a map in history before they do it
MVP bet
Too high odds lol, there is high chance he win it for those odds to be true
top 5 cs countries
NA and CIS wtf, cant put 2 or more countries together so you can rank the country higher All time should be 1. Sweden/Denmark (today it's harder to be dominant so since astralis manage that they highl...
liquid will choke
Toxic? I'm not saying anything bad about em lol, which you would realize if you read it all
liquid will choke
I sadly think they will mess it up as well, I truly hope they won't cause they deserve to win a tournament with this rooster
-karrigan +gla1ve confirmed by hltv
Niko is igl tho so should you have picked a player who is igl on his team.. a free tip till your next bad bait lmao
Astralis vs Liquid
Maps will be Overpass, Mirage, dust2, train and Inferno and astralis win 3-1
positive rappers?
Nobody watched ma man?
positive rappers? After mockingbird this is ma number uno 😂 I can't listen without cracking.. This guy got the moves😉
Top 10 Players 2018 (facts)
And skadoodle? Sure good player but he is not a better player than electronic on any stat, you just based his acces on the major win in the start cause what else have they achieved? Or even been close...
Astralis vs compLexity
When you go to bed after waiting so long and just say to yourself "I'll just watch the replay on YouTube without seeing score.." then find out the match wasn't even played yet xD.. wonder if it actual...
US Propaganda
Lmao, I love how cool Denmark handled that :))
Girl problem
Sooo what happend? Did you set up some "not so heavy" shelves? :))