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BIG, Astralis or Liquid?
Astralis I hope :) but Liquid is also a fav of mine to do it
Best team logos
Yea it was really bad XD
Best team logos
well there are some members here that needs a extra handshake to get that you included it seems.....
Best team logos
I like Astralis, liquid, luminosity (probably spelled it wrong), Fnatic, Dignitas all such simple but rather creative logos but that's just my opinion it's hard for all to agree on one I guess
Best team logos
Like Liquids as well but yea Astralis logo are very cool it's so s1mple XD (pun intended)
FaZe will win the major!
FaZe is a good option for sure, I think it's gonna be Astralis or Liquid (obviously hope Astralis win) but Liquid is good and the new rooster is interesting
Worst Major Winner
Gambit didn't meet Astralis in the finale tho, so kinda ruin your point Nvm (edited) read wrong sry
where can I date ukrainians?
Just go down the street yelling "ukranian woman where are you?"
+18 Is Stevie2k a virgin?
Cause as many point out he is rich and not too bad looking (I think?)
+18 Is Stevie2k a virgin?
I'm honestly not even sure why I went into this post xD I.don't care probably just to see the comments however a qualified answer would be no
Worst fans
I think the people in here acting like pricks are the worst kinda fans, those who are at events tends to act decent... I'm not gonna point out any clans fans as I'm sure they have just as many good fa...
Best Girls (Country)
Oh then I'm sorry :)
Best Girls (Country)
Sweden a tad higher or maybe even #1 but else I agree xD
Best Girls (Country)
Jedis? No it's about a child learning to play guitar in Yemen
Best Girls (Country)
I think Luna was kinda cute too