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Hitting a girl
A decent view regarding my own rly I just grew up with never hit women if ppl think thats retarded sure but if they dont answer it in a way it can be discussed then just useless comments
Hitting a girl
See if you weren't so childish, pathetic and ironically enough a fucking idiot in your response I'd actually think it was a ok point bout the white knight but this just pathetic lol sure go hit women ...
Hitting a girl
Dog eyes last option ;p
top 5 AWPers current
Not sure bout the order but think its Simple Device ZywOo CerQ KennyS
Hitting a girl
Run obviously and if she catches up you deserve it for letting a woman pass you xD
Hitting a girl
That's up to you I guess honestly dont care what you think
Hitting a girl
That name btw ;)
Hitting a girl
Well if the guy tries to hit you or is maybe trying to attack your girl or Any really i think its ok but women No how low can you get lol
Hitting a girl
Never hit a girl, men absolutely ok but girls and women No never it's one of the lowest things you can do as a Guy Just my opinion ofc everyone entitled to their own
danish superteam (2. place)
BlameF Valde Kjaerbye Konfig Refresh
denmark racist!
Next article is that December 31st "Lots of bombing of minor substance is being spotted all over the country there is even said to be screaming voices sounding like witches"
denmark racist!
How I as an astralis fan defend kids behavior on social platforms? I dont You however look in the mirror and ask yourself, could I do something useful with my life?
Liquid fix
Its after long period with hard play and winning, what they need is a player break to reinnovate themselves (I think) cause like Astralis I find it hard to see who they should drop
2nd Place Major Curse
Think Avangar playing some good CS tho
greatest GOAT IGL leader of all time
Glaive, no discussion I think