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Denmark are you ready ???!!!???
nt we havent lost any matches in regulation for 3 years now, i doubt we will loose to switzerland
Danish pronunciation
z in danish only exist in words taken from other languages and names like: Zebra, Zagreb
DK minimum wage!
Denmark doesnt even have a minimum wage, but alright i guess. Also i dont think any people in denmark that is 18+ is making under 15 dollars an hour. My friend just turned 18 and got a half time job a...
Never had a hangover.... why?
You didnt drink a lot though tbh. Hangover usually dont come from just being a little drunk, but thry come when your just about to throw up because uve drank so much alcohol
Worst country you visited?
Wtf are u even saying? Going to romania had nothing to do with money, i went there because i wanted to go there and i hadnt been there before.
Worst country you visited?
No its dirty af, so much noise and only ofc there are some things to see but i just rly dont enjoy the city as a whole
Worst country you visited?
I enjoyed 2 weeks in Transylvania, but i went to Bukarest for a couple days and it was horrible, and also went to Constanta for a week or so and it was okay, not great, not bad.
Alcohol culture is disgusting
School start
More spots for EU
But 2 teams from every region will always qualify? So that means there was always be a team that is atleast kinda relevant to lets say Americans because of the America minor, so you will still get all...
More spots for EU
Its not fully about getting the best teams its also about getting fans/viewers from new regions. Fx when u get like tyloo in the major then u will have more chinese viewers and possibly new viewers t...
Who else didn't get 5 correct picks?
Imagine picking tyloo and hr LUL
Is there sun in Finland?
Vitality 1-3 or 2-3?
Hellraisers fucking sucks rn
The last three books you read
The hobbit Hitchhikers ultimate guide to the galaxy Danish book for school "De hvide riddere"