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yellow mait!
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Liquid vs ex-Singularity
please just throw this riffle and the next eco round!
Liquid vs ex-Singularity
free +8.5
Liquid vs ex-Singularity
Infinite killed NAF with ak47 (headshot) NAF killed robby with m4a1 ben1337 killed nitr0 with sg556 (headshot) PwnAlone killed EliGE with awp (headshot) robby + Infinite(flash assist) killed Stewie2K ...
fnatic vs Invictus/mousesports winner
invictus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fnatic
fnatic vs Renegades
Gratisfaction killed Brollan with awp Gratisfaction planted the bomb (3on2) Gratisfaction killed Golden with awp Golden killed jks with m4a1 AZR + Liazz (assist) killed KRIMZ with sg556 (headshot) flu...
fnatic vs Renegades
That 0.95 hltv v2 rated awp player for renegades who doesn't igl I guess
fnatic vs Renegades
Omg, how do pros keep getting killed by gratisfaction... omg
fnatic vs Renegades
Round over - Winner: T (2 - 0) - Enemy eliminated Liazz killed Golden with sg556 (headshot) Gratisfaction planted the bomb (2on1) Golden killed AZR with deagle AZR + Gratisfaction(flash assist) killed...
Renegades vs MIBR
Mibr just lost dust 2 vs this l o l
Renegades vs MIBR
bAd FalLen StiLL relEvAnt iGl
G2 vs Natus Vincere The fuck
Asterion vs CR4ZY
Dream throw
DETONA vs Sharks
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 9) - Enemy eliminated prt + vsm (assist) killed jnt with m4a1 (headshot) vsm killed Luken with m4a1 (headshot) Luken killed Lucaozy with inferno vsm killed meyern wit...
DETONA vs Sharks
You can tell from just watching sharks playing that their balls were cut off after vertigo