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Today was a good day
Pretty average day, but glad for u men It did make my day better coming back home and seeing the BLAST production, i enjoyed the event a lot today, atmosphere, production, just great viewing experien...
they will get one, probably second half of 2022 major. First 2022 probably is to IEM Rio, change of continent, + was the pending one. I think IEM was in talks with Valve already. So it will be a goo...
Major - denmark
+1 i saw some clips from people inside the arena and the crowd was fine, the production and audio issues were unacceptable at that stage of the Major.
Who are u a FAN of?
What i noticed is he isnt based. Doesnt matter if ur spanish, or spunj, he will still enforce the rules to everyone the same way xD I respect that.
Who are u a FAN of?
i am also a fan of the fans, specially in the summer time. xD
Who are u a FAN of?
the gummy bears? candy? Idk, it reminded me of that, when i read it xD
-MIRAGE please
cuz they are very popular. d2 also got a rework not that long ago, mirage and overpass and train were the oldest maps, now its mirage and overpass only left which i think they will be removed soon. A...
-MIRAGE please
+1 I think time for map pool changes is the summer update. Or After the next Major. So it will be a long wait. Either train rework returns back, or it's a new Valve made map that nobody knows of yet...
StarLadder, a mix at Berlin for legends, and CIS Kyiv or Moscow for champions stage and finals obviously. Double stage setup is back. Still the only ones that made Legends stage have a small set of c...
One of the maps i enjoyed the most seeing at the Major. Think it had the most intense and hype matches. Along with nuke
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
Imagine having the same amount of devs that u can count in 1 hand, and still do better than most of these new games that are trash and mediocre. that probably have hundreds of devs. just shows u the ...
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
yeah, level designers at Valve are top tier. There is few maps like vertigo and nuke in any other 5v5 tactical FPS, and they made them both be liked and loved by the community. nuke is a classic but v...
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
+1, I'm sure if they are in need of more devs for the department they would , I dont think Valve has a lack of candidates, and more seeing how other game companies are going from 1 scandal to another....
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
Yeah most of her work is just valorant maps and making them look nice. but i dont like that type of modelling, cartoonish style. So i want to see what is she capable of doing with a more realistic the...