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Female CS is a joke
I dont care if there be mixed teams, or female teams with the guys teams, but it's not that easy, who pays for all the extra money to get them in the tournament? Who even watches the shit-show a FE CS...
Russians come here
It's cyrillic but yeah i understand now, :D ty was geniunly curious about
Russians come here
+1 on that too, but outside HLTV, only russkis do it. :D
Russians come here
ye thats what i thought
vertigo is and will be the best map in the pool, just wait until they fix it.
yeah Valve dont give 2 shits, they can literally come to steam and steal them games from steam, to epic store and they just dont care lol. Who u mean tho? PUBG when they tried to sue them?
Size does not matter
"its about what u do with it" fair enough. I get ur point well. But.. Something that i want to say, is i hate when women do the god damn STARFISH at bed, and do nothing. Literally nothing. I seen ma...
Music thread #3
Im currently listening to this on repeat lol
pretty hype tbh. Always when i hear the CS:GO Major, i get hyped up already. never happens with any other tournament or game. I wonder if StarLadder will use the 100% of the arena capacity, like putt...
Vertigo Update
I like vertigo. And it's explosive style it has. Nothing like it we have in the map pool. And the more the community hates it the more i like the map. Other than most of the times they have no reason...
I miss De_Aztec
I loved aztec as well, but i saw the CS:GO version, and that map is horrific for nowadays CS (which is at the highest skill lvl ever). And i dont think Valve will touch it either. They dont care about...
it is a joke of mode game.. But its funny how few bugs there is in DZ.. compare it to PUBG, Fortnite, Apex legends.. its actually even less buggy. lmao. But yeah. CS and BR will never mix for me. I r...
No! its a good map, Valve is trying to make it playable and they will. They did in the past with overpass and old cobblestone, they will do it with vertigo.
CSGO Map Dev
yes u get paid by Valve if it enters MM servers, or Valve servers basically. But u wont ever make a good enough map, u dont even want to imagine how many maps there are right now. It's rly hard to get...
Vertigo will stay for a while
If we dont even want the most important tournament of the year at the BO5, it impossible to make bigger map pool to for example 9 maps. I always defend doing a bo5, at least for THE MAJOR. But Not ju...