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HAVU vs SuperJymy
HAVU vs SuperJymy
just ignore him, he has no brain at all :) Just another blackshit133777 or utopia (more likely as utopia gets banned everyday)
HAVU vs SuperJymy
yes 10 years old kid, more smiles pls
HAVU vs SuperJymy
i see, guess this page has no age limit lol, all 10 yo russians trying to rekt others while getting rekt instead :D
HAVU vs SuperJymy
jesus , another stupid Philippines/Russian?
compLexity vs MIBR
cant you weird russian understand that you got exposed already? l3nz proved with gif image he did 300 eur bet on col, what you did? You show your inspected screenshots and refusing to show via gif ima...
compLexity vs MIBR
again, can you explain how you can fake gif image ? I dont think you can, but screenshots you can, just inspect element page, then make screenshot, ez (thats probl what you do if you're scared to make...
compLexity vs MIBR
i think you're only one here who's crying, why are you shaking so hard ? Why dont you just make gif image of your bet, where you also refresh page like l3nz did? Are you scared that you got exposed wi...
compLexity vs MIBR
+1, he never proved single bet, only screenshots, which are most likely inspect elemented lol, i remember his comments on nip vs mibr, he was so happy for his express because "easy nip" , but he lost ...
compLexity vs MIBR
your bets = $2 , mine = €200-€500, poor ruski , go drink your vodka with your last 5 rub, then suck a putin dick to feed your family , lul #fakeflagger ruski
G2 vs FaZe
sorry weirdo , but you never proved your bets, so i think you're only one who's not proving that you aint $5 bettor. I have checked your posts since you joined,, all i can say, you're toxic af. Kinda ...
23 euro
u sux, 1v1 me and ill show u true lvl 10 faceit German girl.
FriendlyFire vs Izako Boars
lmfao friendlyfire not even that good based on stats. Should be 50/50 af
FriendlyFire vs Izako Boars
either 2-0 IB or 2-1
Bull vs W7M
ignore this comment, my cat typed it :/