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FalleN coldzera TACO NiKo s1mple
s1mple >>> olof
device was better this year, mostly because of his team fallen is better as a player overall
s1mple >>> olof
thank you captain obvious
i hate mibr cuz they won't announce their 5th
mostly wallbangs, movement and accurate quickshots 1.6 was so much better
LMAO look at this, crying over being "misgendered"
so many sad comments you people are pathetic
vsm has a vac ban and can't play majors, that is never happening
Brazil murder rates
our new president is a complete moron seriously one of the dumbest people i've ever seen
'Abortion is good'
of course you won't kill your child, that would be murder abortion isn't because it's not a child nor a living being because in most places abortion is only legal during the first stages of the pregna...
'Abortion is good'
not even close to murder since the fetus is pretty much a bunch of cells if the abortion is done early
'Abortion is good'
you realize there's several ways to get a unwanted pregnancy that are 100% not the girls fault right? like contraceptive methods failing, rape, etc
'Abortion is good'
it's pretty much a bunch of cells doesn't even have a nervous system yet
'Abortion is good'
not a person, not even close to it
A proper igl to faze
hes smart as fuck so yeah probably
aztec was awful to play competitively back in 1.5, it was insanely ct sided if you had 2 (or even 3) decent awps it was so freaking hard for the T side to do anything considering awp was even better b...