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faze ahahhahah
its a low risk high reward possibility plus faze are actually playing alot better these past few month.
ZY WHO??????
how is it zywoo fault ??? he's the only positive ratio player , best team adr ( 2nd if you count both teams ) . best KAST of his team and best rating explin why it's zywoo fault
you were saying ???
ADR > Kills
NA superteam
old school 1.6 right there
NikO destroys teams and players
yes that part i do agree but i dont think they will replace him though and i think they are bough in on the niko igl with help from cold and ynk =/
NikO destroys teams and players
i think until broky gets some experience to be more stable cuz he has great games and then has game were he doesn t seem relevant but he'S young so time should take care of that. olof isn't olof of o...
NikO destroys teams and players
that depends on how you rank them , if you trully beleive they are the #1 team in the world then yes these results show something is wrong. If you think they are from rnak 6 to 10 then id say result a...
NikO destroys teams and players
you can have the best individual talent in a team that doesn't make it the best team. There map pool is decent at best they can hang with almost every team in a game but they just don't get over that...
faze fix
if you wanna fix Faze just fix there map pool , they are in most games but they either dont close it out.
VAC banned. Congrats to me , lul , i guess
my 1,6 account got vacced 4822days ago though i wasn't ever gonan play cs again lolll i was wrong :P
1.6 was a better esport
Vertigo was created in 1.6 fyi flash were nice but you could simply press you scoredboard and you became half flashed.. but i love the no sound feature you could bind to cut out any stupid map souns.
Niko fans come here
i mean they prolly will win a few tournaments ( like a blast pro series or w/e ) but getting back to a legend status at the majors is prolly the most realistic one.
Niko fans come here
realistic goal : get into Legends status again
I suck at CT
personnaly i mean i tend to play too passive CT side , thats why i mean maybe not pushing on ct but rather moving a bit more changing angles not just sit back and stop moving.