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astralis 0-3 mibr 3-0
i would give you 100 if it happens if u give me 10 if it doesn t
PickEm Question
i had ence as a bubble team so id rather risk them , but like i sayd nrg i though was too risky to put them there cuz they were gonna go through no matter wahat but i do understand what u mean though
Pickem 8-1 ez
too bad u only need 5 xD
PickEm Question
so let's brake it down even though we know most results. the normal person had Fnatic , cloud 9 , nrg , ence , nip reall good upside were vitaly renegades and then u had vega avangar and g2 out of ...
PickEm Question
theoretically nrg was not a smart 3-0 pick. they were because it worked out but if you take into context that you only need 5 points risking a pick that easy on a 3-0 is sorta silly. but it work out s...
some people ok you have to be smart about taking comments into context. people sayd vici will win so are they overrated ? i mean you have to take into context the haters , the fanboys and take a deepe...
how are they overrated ? they were possibly a bottom 3 team in the tournament ?
i actually dont agree they might of been the youngest ( i think ) but the worst i doubt it. but i wasn't expecting them to go through either
Aug with no scope is sorta pointless. Its like saying an awp with no scope... It comes witg a scope to begin with. Maybe remake it like it use to be but 30bullets for the silence m4 though i still...
ZywOo on lan
And yet he finished with 30+ and didnt even shine aside that 1 round in ot
SA irrelevant country
It's called Quebec , french canadians. But i'm bilingual for the most part.
SA irrelevant country
How bout you type in french and ill judge you on typing in your second language
you need 5 points..... all you 7 picks to advance make sense...
pick em lol
you need 5 points how can u be fucked ?
SA irrelevant country
argentina bresil chili peru paraguay uruguay bolivia columbia ecuator ( not sure how its spelled ) venezuela