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Stewie destroy europe
U smoked the good stuff didnt you
Stewie destroy europe
Liquid MSL
That would also be sick. There are so many good igls available rn, it would be stupid to not do any changes.
Liquid MSL
-stewie +kRYSTAL would be interesting. They would gain so much firepower if kRYSTAL manages to make EliGe, NAF and Twistzz shine again
forZe vs PACT
Fl1t is l1t lmao
Why did NAVI lose to Vitality?
Navi got to comfortable, and vitality gained momentum. You just have to give vitality props for staying motivated after getting bullied by s1mple the first two Maps.
Boombl4 top 1 He did tho, thats why it was "undeserved". But yeah, it's Device own fault and ...
Boombl4 top 1
He got his mvp for having a great Grandfinal. Kjaerbye played a pretty bad major until the finals. Device carried them to the finals but played shit there.
Device vs olof
He was the best for several months in his career tho. How can someone be the goat without having the most individual archievments?
Im pretty sure broky could also play as a aggressive awp considering that he started playing with the awp bcuz faze needed one
FaZe Karrigan
*** Pric3tag***
I would have given jugi the awp tbh, because devve is good with rifles as well, while jugi was beyond trash with rifles
*** Pric3tag***
For someone who cant even properly spray with a m4, his stats were pretty good yup. Probaly would have been a bit better if he could have played the awp tho
Good thought, probaly yeah