TACO did nothing wrong, Liquid with TACO was better than this liquid with toxic2k

Change my mind, you can't

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"ENCE fluke"
Not a fluke but i think the aug helped ence alot, and now that it got nerfed they will drop down to around #8. My opinion
Liquid worst player
Cya in 10
Using beta in 2k19 lul Everyone can have his own opinion, and everyone is free to share his opinion ON A FORUM (which is made for that but i feel like you're way too stupid to realize that). In my and...
Because ONE Person met him we have to think like he does? We do have to judge him by the experience of other people (which probaly was only a small talk with a Fan, ofc he wont act like a cunt)? All ...
This is hltv a csgo forum, no one gives a shit how they act irl since no one knows them. We can only judge him by his personality ig, which is shit
Top20 of 2k19
The whole Team choked, especially naf who had 67 frags on 5 Maps, not Tacos fault.
Top20 of 2k19
Liquid with TACO was as good as with stewie, Liquid just became #1 because astralis is in a slump, otherwise they would still lose every Match against them lul
Wby denis in Big
Denis did quite well at the end of mouz and also played rly well in sprout (even when it was against Tier 2/3). I honestly also expected a better Performance than now
Astralis -gla1ve +valde -device +mertz
Have you unboxed a knife?
I gonna tell you a even better joke : Stewie2k is the best entryfragger XDDDDDD XDDD 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
GamerLegion has potential
Scream and fine? 1.01 rating on lan. Everybody is hating on him because he is the most overrated Player in the game.
Top20 of 2k19
Stewie 13, sure, lmao