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Nah. Liquid is great but the other two are a joke. Wouldn't surprise me if they go 0-3. No hating or anything (big fan) but they're nobodies compared to almost everybody else
Why hellraisers will be top 4
Got smashed by G2 in Abu Dhabi and Odense
Major winner
Pretty much. C9/Gambit reached peak performance during their major runs. I see too many cracks in all challenger teams and even most older champions
French scene shuffle
Good and experienced entry fragger
LG/SK era
Wouldn't exactly calk it an era. They were the number one team but you don't compare it to fnatic in late 2014/early and mid 2015. EnvyUS was the number one team throughout october, november and decem...
French scene shuffle
Ex6 -IGL KennyS -AWP Apex- Entry Zywoo -wrecking house NBK or jackz -lurker I like them all but I think this would be the best possible roster.
Low-key better than what we have now smh my head
LG/SK era
The fnatic era ended in late 2015. EnvyUS had the spot for a few months
G2 win Major !
Wait aren't you a bigger fan of Vitality? (I like both teams btw)
top 20 all the time
KennyS should be like number 6 or 5
Swedish superteam
Olofmeister and Rez/Brollan
IYO? It's an objective fact
top 20 rn(complete rosters only)
They're both absent hence low ranking? Esl put MIBR as the number 3 team rn... HR and MIBR have been about equally as active. One of them beat astralis in a bo3, the other lost to G2-0
top 20 rn(complete rosters only)
K cool
top 20 rn(complete rosters only)
K cool