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csgo should change the maps pool faster ?
team dominating a map is a myth, after all thats why we have ban systeam by your logic, Astralis abusing Nuke is illegal, but because every team play it now and good at it, its normal now
csgo should change the maps pool faster ?
bad map there plenty community map that far better and unique
When is next Operation Riptide week?
#3 its over you dont get what i say, what i mean is, MAYBE the next NEW operation is coming in about 4 month
5 year old but still gold
wait... this music is on FIFA ? am i miss a game or something ?
When is next Operation Riptide week?
in 4 months maybe I dont know what will they called it
Why how???
What i mean that its easier So if you want to annoy your neighbor and yourself longer, then it your choose Do you think that i like to see such content lead the stat on youtube ? Of course not, im ju...
Why how???
Well, say whatever you want, but thats the reality Wait till you have your own kid, if yo do already and dont using that, feel free to torture your hand carrying and swing them to sleep
Why how???
+1 so true, people here are too young, they dont see the reality that lots of baby out there is holding their own phone My niece, that little baby will always stop crying if handed a phone with someth...
Why how???
HLTV, mostly kids or teenager here, obviously not part of the audience of that and just assume it boosted by bot or something Last week i see my cousin little baby, she will stop crying if handed the...