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new steam-GARBAGE
its not affecting csgo fps they do that because they have to compete with EPIC you want EPIC win the war and having nice lookijg and optimize launcher ? you uninstall csgo play fortnite plz
Cloud9 sign WARDELL, vanity; daps, autimatic benched
Since when Indonesian releasing leak and news ? Our country is a HOAX Paradise 0/8
SG-553 balancing sugestion
SG-553 balancing sugestion
is that really ez for u ? full kriegg recoil is so hard to control even the master himself ELiGE cant make a 'perfect' one
Tyloo wtf
im not so sure there is a time that i on same server with xccurate and his friend, his friend talk to much and ask to much about his carrer, and xccurate replying with some bntet words in it will you...
Tyloo wtf
i think its time for BnTeT to go abroad (from asia)
new to football
Just pick one team, be loyal and then dont just folliow EPL also follow 25 teams bellow (Championship) they pretty equal 45 Good teams
new to football
im from future they changed it to "egg-carry sport" or "egg-ball" because football getting bigger and bigger, and that increasing americans fans, who getting bullied over time for using "soccer" as t...
why don't blacks play csgo?
When Bravado (RSA) roster is all white guy, not even a single member same as their Rugby team, and France football NT (European) that win last year summer worldcup is almost all black SMH
Baghdadi not dead obv
you interrogate lower people to get further information about the people above him Baghdadi... interogate ? really ?
Renegades WARDELL
just for this two major (berlin and next major) lets hope they can continue their best at major
Renegades WARDELL
so they choose america for training and more game then choose asia for easy major qualifier lol
Renegades WARDELL
renegades is asia or america region ?
New Operation is Coming ????
i watch VNN videos a year ago and still remember he always mention about survival mode and then it comes danger zone now this ? im sure big thing will happen
New Operation is Coming ????
XD you made my day, nc joke