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Valorant any good?
Agree, but you made small mistake, should be like this: csgo very good game, when i play valorant once in a month now its seems so bad like my character is sliding on the ground. csgo is future, valo...
Why MR12 is a dumb idea
MR12, current csgo game is too long, and OT should be also getting some adjustments so they dont last too much. But ofc with this valve should totally change economy in cs. Mby you could have like 3 b...
Za12-b, 18x9,5 hybrid claw-palm, best mouse imo is GPW but a little too big (but shape, buttons, sensor and feeling are top), would love gpw mini if it comes out tho
ishak and kulesevski
very interesting topic i see
Your national CSGO team RN
Michu instead of okoliciouz, no need to have support in 2k21, everyone use nades
Why the fuck is stewie2K using a laser mouse?
So why ppl still use 4:3 BB or 500hz or 400dpi, all of theses seems like small disadvantage
€1M if you get at least 1 kill; what's your gameplan?
if you do it like this you will be peeked from bottom part of mid doors with awp and die instantly
€1M if you get at least 1 kill; what's your gameplan?
Mirage, ct, we set up a bait, im hiding behind ticket and someone is right next to me jumpspotting, as soon as he sees someone he plays safe or if its already for sure A play he gets one kill and dies...
that one on short was really crazy one, but generally every player does mistakes and overpeeks sometimes, sometimes it pays off sometimes it doenst but agree about this short play that it was kind of ...
Bro, if you talk about peek on dust when cerq was down mid he just wanted to help him, look at obo on ovp, on enemy's eco/force when he was wide in the open near con and got double peeked from mid&bal...
now it did, 1v4