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sadly no one can destroy big brains gla1ve... 16-5 / 16-9 astralis
Brazil is not prepared for a Major
5/8 not gonna they had us in the first half. I think it would be OK to have. ofc there are retarded fans, disrespectful and stuff. but with a MAJOR structure, u know, booth, security, etc, it can hap...
Overrated things in life
travelling, camping, watching movies, hiking, etc
Overrated things in life
party/nightclubs is overrated in general people just live to get wasted on weekends. My life is: i work 9 to 5 and i say ohh its finally friday i can go out lmao... there are so much more in life to ...
best horror movie?
Hereditary is creepy AF because u think that shit could be real no jumpscares but the witch is also good.
best horror movie?
Shame of brazilians
mibr fans worst in scene. delusional liars noisy disrespectful cheaters
not possible
truths that no one accepts
every1 is better than TACO.
way less than mibr. how many trophies did mibr lift? correct, zero. failed project, noah be regreting his decision
another in hltv when brazilian washedup team wins = we back top1
actual fix. kick fallen kick TACO kick fer +steel IGL +boltzz +young player new lineup, new IGL, new tactics, new motivation, none of these players are rich, they are still trying to make it in life...
truths that no one accepts
french scene have trophies. wtf u on about?
truths that no one accepts
he's way better than taco...
the best thing it to see mibr fans: oh yes fnatic they're shit we will win ez we have kng lmao