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Secret vs forZe
Fucking disgusting rigged fucking game, no esport has more pieces of shit than CSGO for rigging, that's a fact. It's like 80% of the time in these 1.20 v 4$ odds games that the 4$ team wins.
Heroic vs G2
The only way to win money from betting is to be an idiot
Heroic vs G2
My betting website doesn't allow cashouts. I am so fucking mad.
Heroic vs G2
Very proud of Heroic for having a girl on their lineup!
Chaos vs 100 Thieves
Chaos SO SO SO lucky on second last round, wow, 2 shitty lucky kills through smoke, they deserve to lose that round 10000%
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
K23 vs forZe
No 1.20 teams lose as much as poor Europeans in csgo, think about it, rigging assholes
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
In terms of % what's the best bet? Are EG more then 60% to win 3-0? Is it more then 33% it ends 3-1 to EG? Is it more then 38% gen g win 2 maps? Thanks for any help
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
Secret Club vs TeamOne
Kekw ofc I put 1 huge favourite I don't know in a multi and of course they throw for food lmao
FURIA vs Gen.G
Who gets to pick map 1?
What the FUCK these 1.25$ top rated team in the region lose to LITERAL no namers? Dude this shit is fucking disgusting, Had a huge multi with this in it, it was 95% chance for 2-0 what the FUCK. Odds ...
FaZe vs Virtus.pro
Is glock smoke back turned a good strat??
100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol
Lmfao 100T being paid? Wtf they doing both dying to MarkE?
G2 vs Natus Vincere
You stupid fucking cunts made me think g2 would win because you all said it and all watch more CS then me. I immediately thought navi would win but soooo many of you said g2 were better, fucking clown...