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Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
Lmfao thanks for fucking my over 26.5 EG, only needed 3 rounds in an entire half as the team that just beat Astralis and they can't even win 3, pathetic
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
I bet on over 26.5 because I knew grayhound would do better in this situation then they thought.....lmfao I even get peed on by betting when my reads are correct, sigh
Astralis vs Envy
Yup exact same, when I saw envy were starting on CT I felt good and said if they win one pistol it's going to happen for sure. So they lost both pistols then 7 more in a row l m a o okay
Astralis vs Envy
Nice 1.40 odds lol
ENCE vs Liquid
Its probably shorter then 50% of BO3 finald tbh lmfao
ENCE vs Liquid
I ran out of money last night. I said liquid would -1.5 easy, and I could've made so much money off it, it would've been the easiest win ever, no swest at all, but of course I run out of betting mone...
I feel like it would be much more exciting and much more entertaining
North vs mousesports
Should've been 8-7 mous at worst if north didnt throw two rounds. North probably wouldve fucked the ecnomy of mous and actually won that half if they didn't throw two rounds baaaadly. Instead they're ...
CR4ZY vs fnatic
Should be 80% chance that hits mate gl
CR4ZY vs fnatic
Not really, games never over at half time especially with a team as ct on train. All of a sudden its 13-13 and fnatic have money and yet they lose from that heavily favoured position. It's badluck
Vitality vs Heroic
Easy Vitality 2-1 hehe 3.50$ cashed in :) Ty!
Vitality vs Heroic
Heroic only up 1 at half when vitality going on CT side, you're a fool if you think you're safe needing 4 rounds, fool bettor
Vitality vs Heroic
They won by 7 lmfao Vitality stomped easy stop being delusional
Vitality vs Heroic
I bet vitality 2-1 @ 3.50 and it was so easy hahaha :) BL bro, just have more common sense
Vitality vs Renegades
2-0 vitality btw, renegades will get 20 rounds over 2 maps