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Epsilon vs Endpoint
Excuse me what but I have over 26.5 for the first map and it was 10-10. Surely there is a 99% chance at this point the match is going over. Oh wait I get absoluetly pissed on by god and somehow lose....
Renegades vs mousesports
Wow a series that starts on time well done
Astralis vs Liquid
same odds on all. 1.86
Astralis vs Liquid
Got a fun bet on my book. What u guys think is most likely for map 1: Device over 22.5 kills Dupreeh over 20.5 Nitro over 18.5 Twistz over 19.5 thanks gys
Ghost vs Luminosity
yup confirmed wardell is collecting a big pay cheque tonight, pity his team wont get any. hope they wont be too pissed at him when they get eliminated, he made mafia a lot of money on it though and hi...
Ghost vs Luminosity
lmfao not sure if Wardell is fixing this match or is genuinely this overawed by the occasion. lol hes so bad
eSuba vs Brute
ripped off again. ofc my team loses both pistols and a clutch eco and a clutch 2v1 to barely lose in the worst possible way. disgusting.
eSuba vs Brute
LMAO wait what did the team I bet on actually lose a 2v1 in which the 1 had to swivel because he was getting pinched from both sides and my 2 STILL lost both aim duels somehow lmao. huh what, that is ...
Chiefs vs Grayhound
Lose 4v2 and then 2v1 thanks Chiefs fuckers, bullshit again
Vitality vs Valiance
lmao why do we do this to ourselves. FUCK BUG
Vitality vs Valiance
LMAO. Went to play a game of league at 10-1 thanking god that today I finally started making money back after getting dicked all weekend. 10-1 -> 11-16 OKAY lmfao hahaha just piss on me again betting ...
AGO vs Red Reserve
i know, could have been epsilon upset and ago win v red reserve, and id have won twice, but of course its the other twice, twice loss :)
AGO vs Red Reserve
LMFAO awesome, bet on upset in match V epsilon, get fucked on. Bet on AGO for their second mirage match, upset happens. Lmfao getting destroyed by luck, all day every day. Be happy you are not me
INTZ vs Ghost
Spat on by Ghost\INTZ. Had ghost to win map one in 3 multis, wouldve 4xed my stake, instead ghost lose from 10-1 up. Went on over 26.5 in second map, because CT side train is so strong, both teams sho...
Fam143 vs ETHEREAL
LMFAO Fam not able to win a 1v1 with a guy standing still defusing for 5 seconds to throw the game lmao