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why not have 1 big tournament like TI for dota and 2 smaller ones( im not that familiar with dota i just know TI is a huge thing) ? or would that be a bad idea ?
old csgo better
Are you hyped about major?
I feel the same, im not that hyped about the major either, perhaps its just im lacking playtime and motivation lately, also the souvenirs are weird, it was way more hype when you got one randomly, eve...
jeff bezos
Draw a dog
im so sorry xd
r8 my knife collection
Nice ones, i like the 2nd one from the right the most. Also that far right one looks the manliest Kappa
Esl One Cologne day 1 recap
Its interesting to see Astralis falling to 4th, seems like teams starting be able to counter them better, tho i havent watched many pro games in the past weeks which makes its also interesting to see ...
Esl One Cologne day 1 recap
It was a decent video :)
are men who cook gay?
Why would it be ? I like cooking and it would be awesome to learn more dishes to make and to be able to always make myself something delicious to eat.
Battlefield 4 or 3?
I bought Bf4 a couple weeks ago, i think its a fun game, its story is awesome in my opinion and there are still a couple servers with enough players, though, there are way more servers which will say ...
CSGO Demo Manager
Sounds nice, gonna give it a try, thanks :)
Its a decent game, but it comes down to personal preference, i like csgo more than R6, in R6 you mainly gotta scope in for your shots to hit cause hipfire is a bit inaccurate, also for me its sometime...
Mobile Games?
My favourite games on phone are the Motorsport Manager(1-3) games, i havent really found that many other games which wouldnt get boring quickly. Tho you gotta pay a couple bucks for that game.
Most likely Nikola Tesla
I need friend to play
i didnt really intend it as a show off of how good i am, mainly just to keep track