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240hz monitor
Every fast fps games it would be beneficial - the question is: To what extent.
Astralis disband
They got beaten 1 week ago.
your rent?
We dont pay to get the water - we pay for letting the water out and the cleaning part of the water etc.
your rent?
It is in Denmark:D Electricity alone is around 1000 danish kr. pr. month = 133 Euro. Water + Garbage = 170 Euro pr. month Heat = 220 Euro pr. month Then add tax for the ground and house insurance ...
your rent?
Yes from 2 persons. We earn combined 6600 Euros every month (After tax). And then Child money comes also from 3 children.
your rent?
Own a house. We pay 2000 euro every month for repayments and water, heat, electricity, tax etc.
NiKo toxic
You can add that faze was best when they had Karrigan as an IGL - not Niko.
Ofc it has. Many studies has shown that men and women tend to treat children differently based on their sex. It can be small things - like given them a car instead of doll etc. it can be the way you r...
Valve being obsessed over vertigo
Too few changes to the map imo. It should had a bigge change like when they changed Nuke - it made a clear difference.
Thorin dissing Xyp9x
Hard to say. Is Xyp getting kills because of experince, positioning and generel ingame IQ or because of his aim. When I say average I mean average among pro players. Here I agree that his aim is in th...
Thorin dissing Xyp9x
He is just saying Xyp = all brain decent aim Konfig = Stupid but insane aim.
From 2012-2019 he has been the best player - not the best player in all periods - but overall no one can compare to his stability, titels and MVP.
EG era = 1 day
Astralis did it - same schedule.
"AstraLisquid Era" ?
No doubt EG is the best team as we speak. But lets see if they can hold level 3-4 months from now. Imo. they had many rounds against Astralis where they were lucky with their pushes through smokes e...
Best song ever made
Rap isnt music. People taking over music samples from a computer program.