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SHOULD I BUY 75hz or 144hz MONITOR?
I have 3 PC - two with 144 hz and 1 with 75 hz. 75 hz is notable better than 60 hz, but it is first at 100 hz it really feels fluently. 85 hz is also decent - but imo 100 hz is a must.
Maybe niko and rain is the problem - the only two players on the team that has been on the team the whole time that they have disasspointed. They should dispand and find new teams and Faze could build...
womens)) genitals
Big clit. The mens penis is just a big clit. We are all women at the beginning thats why men also have nipples.
dudes with gf come
are dudes with wifes not welcome here?
Heroic = new BIG?
Heroic loose final: Vitality top 1 with EG.
Faze hasnt been good for a long time now compared to their salary, expectations etc. Maybe you should start looking at the core of the team. Maybe it is them that arent performing anymore instead of...
Rain so good
Sure it will - most life will be dead. But earth will mostlikely exist untill the sun dies and becomes a super Nova and swallow and burn up the earth.
Most weird thing is that Mouz argument for benching him was his attitude. But everyone in here only talk about he has better stats than ChrisJ or another player on the team, so another should leave. D...
Olympic medals
Denmark: Summer: 195 Winter: 1 :D
He will comeback and quit again soon then. Stress is not handled in 3 months.
Think he will stop playing. He has been playing as pro since 2011 - and as a player even before. Think he will go more into developing players rights etc. or make something completely els.
corona sucks
You are surely a product of your time. A time where feeling is more important than knowing, and most importantly a need for letting the rest of the world know what you feel.
denmark depressive?
Yes - all nothern countries are. Dark half of the year.