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Oskar butthurt.
Nobody knows what they talked about before he made the final signing with mouz. He might have said to mouz people that he could be support - no problem etc. Maybe all he wanted was to get away from VP...
Top Ten Players 2018
Did you start
You're dream team?
Coldzera Simple Xyp9x Glaive Dupreeh
Karrigan > dev1ce
This topic is sooo old. Seen it like 1000 times before. When you wanna be lame try something new.
ugliest people by country
Countries - And then you write Africa and Middle East? :D Are you the new Sarah Palin?
Who cares what you see or dont see. Fact is: Around 5% muslims in Denmark and around 10% in Sweden. Forecast for year 2050: 15 % in Denmark and 30% in Sweden.
Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
I think all players in Faze have motivation problems. He is just a symptom of the motivation-crisis in the team.
Why most AWPers are fat?
Oskar is semi fat now a days. But otherwise you are right :D
Most beautiful building?
Ronaldo raped a girl
Ofc he did. Only question is if they can prove it.
Zonic car
Yes. 100.000 Euro is not enough if it is new. It costs over 1 million danish kr. as new.
Nr. 1: Astralis Nr 2: Valde, Konfig, Jugi, Karrigan and Kjaerby (They could become a top 5 team with the right team-chemistry untill they end like shit - as all of karrigans teams does after 6-12 mon...
Does not change the fact that the list might have been made from a different definition. But the list should have made it clear what definition it is based on. Today source criticism is more important...
Fnatic and faze changes ?
The most of the players are past their expiration date. Only Niko and twist could have a big future from now on as they are still young.
Karrigan is not better than Snappi - almost on the contrary. He should become IGL from an international team or a lower danish tier team and build it up.