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It could work great. He is one of the best support players. BUT other players like Guardian, Rain and Olof need to step up. He must elevate their game,
It never gets boring to win.
Navi doesn't need changes
Agreed. Overall they have done good in 2018. You could argue that they should have done better with 2 players from top 5, but it just shows TP > individual skills. They have decent IGL and flamie is ...
dev1ce #1
Winning tournaments and getting MVP awards.
Astralis non personality danes
They dont. They just dont like them and then they write shit. They are just jealous of their lifes, or they cannot handle their own favorite team isnt winning all time. Haters gonna hate. They dont k...
Device #1
Thx for keeping a good tone in your arguments. You sure got me convinced when you called me dumb. And thx for proving my point.
Device #1
I wrote Best teams - I didnt write team. Best teams: Astralis, Navi, Liquid Faze, mouz in 2018 - Go find your best awp´er here on these teams. G2 in 2018? If you only look at individual raw skil...
Device #1
Stop this flag checks out - good argument. You think Messi and Ronaldo would have won all those ballon d'or if they didnt play on a team that every year contested for Champion League and La liga? -...
Device #1
You have to evaluate players on their current form. How can you say Kennys is better than Device when he hasnt shown it for ages? Being good is also consistency and this is what kennys lacks. How many...
Tarik cheats. Smoke kill = cheat.
Lol why is that cheat. He shoots one on the edge of smoke - knows some one els is already passed into the smoke. He gets the kill fast as he is low health. Nothing fancy. You see ghost everywhere a...
Dat last round! SIT THE FUCK DOWN
Easy now. MIBR wins overpass comfortable and they win mirage close. 2-1 to MIBR.
Fallen cheats also. JW called him not. When a pro says it - its true 100%.
bo3 finals shit
Imo only majors - too take them speciel and keep the hype around them. Every sport needs tournaments that everyone especially wants to win, not because they give most money necessarily, but because of...
EU must DIE!
https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Structure_of_government_debt Germanys dept is more or less in the middle in EU. Many EU countries have less dept.