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Why EC2-A is shit
lift with ring finger
Faceit question
maybe it only refreshes once you queue?
Low tax ?
capitalism, socialism or communism
its not possible, competition
capitalism, socialism or communism
hahah I have a beautiful memory of one of my history classes where we were discussing socialism, when a classmate said something similar, I just left the class. the teacher came to me later that day ...
capitalism, socialism or communism
the irony is incredible, its almost like you proposed an idea critical to capitalism there you do realize that companies in socialism, not some authoritarian state-socialism, are collectively owned b...
capitalism, socialism or communism
explain to me how different goals, ambitions and capabilities of individuals conflict with a socialist society
The Suicide of Europe | Is he right?
Xenophobia is the newest European value I guess
Ajax or Juve
operation ajax american imperialism
Karl Marx or
>analyzing and raising awareness to flaws >not critique choose one
4:3 or 16:9
im pretty sure I remember dev1ce saying he'd play 16:9 if he could start all over again
nazi is left
the third reich was not socialist. just because north korea is a self proclaimed "democratic republik" (dprk) does it mean they are democratic? - ofcourse not. same goes for the GDR or NSDAP. socia...
why god made us the way we are?
except that it wouldn’t be TvZvP but TvT like Dominion v Raynors Raiders
Faceshit experience ;(