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(please no ban) no religions no problems
no stupid and politically correct people, no problem.
50 bomb oceania?
Yeah, it was a bait. I love baiting people, I've watched all the Simpsons and South Park episodes, I'm anti PC, I love it. Although I respect others beliefs. I don't give a fuck if you're Jewish, Musl...
50 bomb oceania?
It is actually, 'cause he did nothing wrong. He killed the terrorists, so what's the deal? I mean idk about the pedestrians that he shot, F for them if they were Jewish/Christian.
50 bomb oceania?
oh yeah ur right
Astralis vs NiP
lol nip got trashed
fnatic vs AGO
fnatic double 16:0, JW aces all 4 pistols.
ENCE vs Izako Boars
Windigo vs MIBR
Absolute vs G2
my nickname comes from the movie named hellboy, not lil peep's song but nt mate
1999-2001 kids come
I closed the tab after 2 seconds wtf I'm '01 and that's kinda gay.
Major flukes
I'm a Team Liquid fan ever since they joined the Counter-Strike scene. I was a little sad when they lost, but this is nothing comparing to what I was doing after all the grand finals we lost to Astral...
AGO vs Windigo
mibr vs fnatic mibr wins 2:0
Major flukes
Like all the other teams mentioned by this dude, actually
Absolute vs G2
Is this tournament rigged for G2? They're getting all the shitty teams LMAO
Major flukes
At least C9 proved themselves before winning the major by winning an ESL tournament against SK in the final, taking home around ~200k$. I say that even though I hate c9's fanbase. In my opinion it was...