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sad FAZE and Olof
they sure got tons of cash for 16 yo fortnite players lmao priorities ma duuude
sad FAZE and Olof
couldn't give a f about faze, therefor nones crying lil borski
sad FAZE and Olof
blame it on the genius @ faze that tought bringing old washed up legends back was a good idea
no need to stamp yourself with any group, left/right, anarchist, veganist yada yada. just remain in 3'd position, observe a little of everything and procces only the good out of it. You are smart i...
Do u have a gf
glad you realised that bitches are for fucking at teenage age not for relationships.
the land of the free is to make the people THINK they are free. an illusion cell, you can't see the bars but they are there.
Wasps nest in my room
OP you are the chosen one, they see you as their leader. Help them build their empire for one day you shall conquer the world together
if she identifies anything else than an alien aircraft coming from the 7'th stellarsystem just next to the midgetstar known as B256 i will feel offended
first of all: can't wait! second: russia + us = eazy win lmao. turn this planet in to a radiated crisp
Crocodile in my pool
lmao australia is great and all but fuck that dude your internet providers server rooms probbably guarded by giant spiders and shit
if you dont hit the gym now its over
no, tall, dark & handsome ;) but not black skinned as in african or something
if you dont hit the gym now its over
i got the TDH broski, so i can afford to skip the muscle part
if you dont hit the gym now its over
OP altough i agree with you logic (because it is a biologicle fact) i would still argue to speak for yourself. especially the girls part, personally i never hit the gym and almost never had problems ...
Do u have a gf
ma boyyy +666