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Vega m249???
Vega m249???
I was playing on my cell phone while watching the match so I missed that clip. Could u plz tell me the time of that clip?
Exactly! I really wish i can upgrade my coin and hell yeah.
Yeah, Tyloo's perfromance has already been surprisingly good in these two matches.
Picked NRG for 3-0 while being a fan of tyloo. Well, life is too hard for me.
Imagine -xccurate +kaze
TYLOO vs Vitality
I'm not saying he's worse than captianbot, my argument is all about summer's poor performance in this match. Also there's a typo in the previous post, which should be "I am not a fan of cy1"
TYLOO vs Vitality
If you can read Chinese then you can go to 5e (a Chinese version esea or faceit) to check the result. I am a tyloo fan but not never a fan or cy1summer. But we can also argue that Dust2 has always bee...
TYLOO vs Vitality
lol old 6 that's very 6
TYLOO vs Vitality
Recently they had an online match with Abosolute and played dust2 in a bo1. Unfortunately cy1 was like trash although Tyloo wins tthe round like 19:17 or 19:16 or sth.
Cutest csgo player
Apex legends players come here
Go back to xvideo and masterbate Mr xvideo69
TYLOO vs Vitality
Let’s go TyLoo!
Worst moment in human history?
All Homo sapiens were trapped in Africa. It’s not about racism but history
major predictions
I don’t think that’s a good idea. In a recent online training match Tyloo lost to Absolute, which could be considered “abnormal” with Tyloo’s old lineup. So I guess Tyloo still need more time and RNg ...