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Syman vs Spirit
Easy 2-0, spirit will throw this match also. Cash in while you can guys!
Spirit vs Japaleno
Spelar de några matcher i morgon? Tänkte om man ska systemspela på motståndarna ett tag. Antingen förlorar dem för att de är sämre eller för att de tar en läggmatch. Har sett ganska mycket cs genom mi...
Spirit vs Japaleno
Inte om de ska teamkilla varandra så där :P
Spirit vs Japaleno
Yeah, I know. after the 20 first rounds, it would be more logical if sprit won 16-8, instead they lose because they gave away a bombplant every single round. I wonder why these matches doesn´t get inv...
Spirit vs Japaleno
Haha, they gave away A site for the last 10 rounds. I had small bet on Japa, but this was 100% throwgame by spirit.
FURIA vs Winstrike
hahaha, furia absolutely threw mirage! didnt even try to defend the bombplant on pistolround haha
Windigo vs Sprout
Thats how you throw a map and make tons of money! Windigo was at 4.00 odds winning dust2, of course the sprout players bet 300-400 dollars each at windigo, and make 1000 dollar per person. Nice throw...
Endpoint vs HAVU
well I hope you made som money boys. obvious throw once again.
Vega Squadron vs ViCi
Obviously a throw...lose like this haha!
Spirit vs Vitality
wow they will burn in hell every last one of the motherfuckers in vitality. There is one thing to rigg a game. But this is beyong FUBAR. Thanks for the money though but I feel bad for vitality bettor...
Spirit vs Vitality
He might be retiring shortly, and hence decided to make some money rigging games. I am not whining, I am making money out of it :D
Spirit vs Vitality
I got a small bet on spirit 2-0 at 7.00, this game is absolutely rigged but I have no problem in winning dirty money. everybody knows vitality took a dive here at dust2 and losing intenionally.
Spirit vs Vitality
Full buy, moving 2 players on long, the other 3 at the other zite, giving the opponent a free bombplant? If this match isn´t rigged, nothing ever will be...
this is an easy bet on map 2 on vexed, even though they´ve only played it once, euronics are probably making bets on vexed to win overpass also, 2.10 is an amazing odds when one team are throwing
Livebet vexed, easiest throw ever for euronics, staring down vexedplayers without even shooting at them