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Is NIP a tier 1 team?
hltv top10 -> tier 1 hltv top20 -> tier 2 and so on
fucking astralis
Chess makes fun to play but isnt really fun to watch. I make anoher Example think of Dev1ce and name me 3 highlights that come first in your mind and the year when they accured. For me its, Next Leve...
fucking astralis
Its kinda sad that astralis is so far ahead like you know theyre gonna win anyway if they want to (ibp masters) but in the same time they are boring to watch. I hated fnatic in 16 with their streak bu...
Dunno both suck dicks atm, i honestly say niko, shox had decent accomplishments in 2k16 niko just one sydney(?) with just yolo calls and did nothing since then so get a proper IGL ffs
astralis #1 for sure and boring to watch device overrated af put him in FaZe and he will perform worse than smithzz did in g2
[BUY] OG Account
whats a realistic price for such an account what are you willing to pay pls respond i wanna know
French laughing scene worse than sweden and bra71l combined
A4 OR A1?
ROF thats the peoblem!!!!
s1mple overrated
s1mple Top 20 #4('16), #8('17), #1('18)
SA MIBR Haters
SK realized they arent at their peak and probably never will get to that height again, they made maximum profit with a dominating team in 16/17 and they realized that and didnt want to extend the cont...
SA MIBR Haters
theres a reason why SK dropped the team
PROOF:Style 5 best crosshair
what defines style 5 ?
Worst MAP to play?
nuke - train - mirage worst ---- least worst rest is pretty fine
4:3 stretched res sensitivity
its 0.0165 lmao