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Netflix Romanov Czar family
Which is sad since it put extra pressure on him as the ruler of Russia...
Netflix Romanov Czar family
But as the 1st episode tells us, is that the Russian government was very irresponsible when they held the party where over 800k people showed up... It was quite a disaster :/ And people didn't care ba...
Netflix Romanov Czar family
I am not very sure actually. What I do know that Nikolai and the queen were one of the very few king and queen in history that were in love with each other... I am not very sure with the family tree
Netflix Romanov Czar family
I have seen two episodes so far. I really like it, because the episodes differs from the life of the Romanovs and the life of Rasputin
I mean, Liquid is doing really great at the momemt, no doubt about that, and no doubt about Astralis has lost some of their firepower they had in 2018. But hey come on... Astralis won two majors durin...
Ass in your langauge
Smartest person in human history?
Haha, he did not gain anything by joining a T3-team at all. Yes he won a couple of trophies that year. But did he actually win a worthy trophy and prove himself as a top 20 player in the world? Nope, ...
forgotten pros
BEST Military leader?
Why niko better then s1mple
It's a weird statement tbh... Then dev1ce could be the best player of all time because he has received two 3rd place medal, one 2nd place medal and on 5th place medal?
I rate your life
Haha, pretty accurate right there atm, I don't wanna go to high school anymore... 2 months left
I rate your life
Denmark. 182 cm. Yes. Astralis. Pretty much everyday.
G2 superteam
NBK mentioned years ago that ScreaM's playstyle has been bothering him, and that's why he does not enjoy playing with him. Don't know if he still has the same opinion on him. The problem with the Fre...
I don't think your Instagram will increase your chances tbh - Yes your Instagram might look cool and such thing, but it comes down to your personality and how you are in real life even if you have a c...
Give me your FaZe fixes
That is ofc. just a guess, but he was kicked in Astralis due to the team not trusting in his way of calling anymore. I would also guess that is the same reason why he was benched in FaZe.