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Your country's worst decision?
letting some corrupt people to rule the country from 1950s up until today
sexualized tf2. even the smut's fanbase is way bigger than the game's itself lul
I drank coffee for the first time today
i dunno why you're so butthurt about that, but i was tryna be friendly and give him some advice if he wants to enjoy coffee yet he can't stand the bitterness of it. and here you are being a 6 yo with ...
Coldzera twitter
athletes aren't celebs who need to retain their images in the social media. that's why
Each Nordic Country in 1 word
I drank coffee for the first time today
it means you've been drinkin an off-brand coffee at that time. i didn't even drink coffee with sugar for ages, literally. the last time i did that is when the first time i drink it and after that, str...
- cache + biome
i'd like to see tuscan and all those cpl maps back in the franchise, mirage being reworked since it's relying heavily to contact plays, not the tactical one unlike nuke, cbble (before the update), ove...
Gla1ve is the most valuable player of all time.
cs fan base is slowly turning into football's it seems. a 1-month team fan posting "analytical" thread on a forum just to bait the others, shouting that the other teams are bad because they're not the...
Gla1ve is the most valuable player of all time.
boi you've never watched him in SK then
im uninstalling csgo
i've faced hackers in silver and they're not any better than some nova 4 players. like they have no reaction time at all
Gla1ve is the most valuable player of all time.
is this a bait or a 2017 astralis fanboy posting the thread ?
Find team
anytime, my dude. i think you're more than ready to team up since you've got more than 2k hours invested into the game. wish you luck in the future !
Find team
it was totally possible to find a team through faceit since i did it that way back then, but idk if that's even possible considering the state of it these days. i was picked up when i was a level 7 no...
most overrated pro
boi he was a smart igl yet he lacks that skill compared to the superstars at faze
MIBR -ynk
fnx is the only solution whether they like it or not