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I'm pickem god?
vertigo is OP on t side
Do you not understand it or what? Ts win the round 52% of the time, and CTs win 48% of the time, meaning that it's a relatively balanced map but still the most T sided map in the pool right now.
vertigo is OP on t side
Do you think the quote was not applicable? Because I think it was a perfect time to say it, since the facts are that it's clearly not OP on t side.
vertigo is OP on t side
https://www.hltv.org/stats/maps?startDate=2019-05-24&endDate=2019-08-24&rankingFilter=Top30 Here is a better link to show what I mean
vertigo is OP on t side
i hate nigger. nigger 0 major LUL
cya in 10
cya in 10
s1mple #1, ZywOo #2
I’m referring to the time period before the player break. Of the recent tournaments, ZywOo has been better. That is a fact.
s1mple #1, ZywOo #2
I believe s1mple is better but NaVi has been far too inactive lately and the 1 time they were in the same tournament (Cologne), ZywOo won the MVP!
NRG vs Syman
+1 he is the BO$$
Jame the type of guy to go to war and bait his friends in battle.
-xyp9x + rfrsh
Is this gay?
It’s not normal. I believe we were made biologically to be attracted to the opposite sex, which the majority is. But there are some with something in their head that make them attracted to their same ...
Is this gay?
If you do that you already have 1 mental problem. And being gay is a mental problem too. Therefore you are gay.
How NOT to fall in love
Look boi, I had a crush on a girl. I talked to her a bit, but guess what? My ass got rejected for some other weak pleb. Case in point, 5 months after, I was dating that same beautiful girl. Even if sh...