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GROND vs benched
Gospadarov is insane wtf
Rain benched
+1 I can find myself watching entire bo3s rarely, but watching entire bo5s is never something that will happen. It's just too much.
s1mple 2nd MVP
MVP means the most valuable player, it's an individual award, whereas the trophy (more prestigious and desired) is a team award. The best individual in the event should always get the MVP, even if th...
HLTV Top 20 Leaked
Agreed, people like sh1ro and YEKINDAR are playing well, but s1mple and ZywOo remain on another level.
Great map, had to lower my settings to make it run well, but that's fine. Quite fun to play, already 5 times better than Vertigo.
Easy Showmatch on Ancient
Seems super imbalanced in favor of Team Machine
Ancient Perma-Ban
+1 great map, already better than Vertigo easily
Ancient Perma-Ban
0/8 Vertigo is worse
-electronic +mir/+magixx
0/8 I refuse to believe there is anyone on the planet stupid enough to want to kick electronic
Block people from dm'ing you
yeah hltv dms are one of the dumb parts about the site, they should be at least reportable quite frankly
sh1ro doesn't play for impact
G2 amanek or jackz?
If teams had to make roster changes because they get bodied by Gambit or Heroic, there would be a roster change on pretty much every team.
Furia (Junior)
Nobody is talking about the fact that having good English comms is good for FURIA long-term. They will be able to pick up any international talent if one comes up, rather than just being restricted to...
Na'Vi 2.17 odds omegalul
betting against Heroic or Gambit is not the move right now.