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S1mple and zywoo are better rifler than niko
I agree that s1mple and ZywOo are probably top 3 riflers right now, but you’re delusional if you think s1mple or ZywOo can quit awping and still put up the numbers like NiKo was putting up at the end ...
m0nesy Most Hyped Debut
I thought that with +device they’d be 1 move away from being a top 3 team, and now, 2 roster moves later, they have es3tag of all people lol At this point I just think -es3tag +Golden is the only hop...
m0nesy Most Hyped Debut
ok, yeah this is definitely the most hyped tier 1 debut (at least, that I can remember)
m0nesy Most Hyped Debut
What about device's NIP debut? Pretty hyped (and obviously extremely controversial)
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
didnt notice that, yeah thats also weird and doesnt make any sense at all
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
good list, but how is ropz above electronic??
Possible roster
an actual good team: AZR BnTeT jks h4rn sergej/oBo keep olof and poizon out of this, there are better options out there...
K0nfig Covid Positive
its notable if they're days away from competing in an important tournament...
Who gave S1mple "The undertaker" name
not anymore...
Top 20 Players of All Time(Updated 2022)
https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/HLTV/MVP_Awards ZywOo has the 3rd most MVPs over the entirety of csgo, I can't see a world where that doesn't make him at least top 10.
chelo to miss BLAST Spring Groups
1st time in Gym!
Nobody cares about what you're doing, they're all just there to focus and improve themselves. The sooner you realize this the better. It will be very intimidating at first but you just have to do your...
fnx retired player
To be fair he'll be competing in NA, where his team actually has a chance (in EU they would flop like the old 00Nation did)