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Faceit lvl 8
that why you can have a better game and not a part of chance because the team front of you was full of retard leavers. so the point is relevant. play in EU 20 games and come back speak and show your ...
Faceit lvl 8
no the difference is not the skill on NA or EU !! they can play and go higher level because of one think or two they don't have retard russian or turkish for ruine the game after one round lose !!!! ...
Favorite CS:GO skin?
yeah asiimov is the most ugly skin for ak !!! look like a scooter kymco from china
Favorite CS:GO skin?
it's a game so it's not a problem for me :o if i want a realistic AK i just go outside in my city and buy one :o
Favorite CS:GO skin?
ak bloodsport for me
stop calling brazilian of monkey
no monkey decedents from brazilian !!!
imagine the math with bananas instead of numbers i think it's can help you
France war pls
don't speak tom yum soup
France war pls
fermez la les putes
France war pls
believe me in city like Marseille you find an good ak47 in one hour. but find a good baguette in good bakery it's more complicate now with all the frozen baguette already prepared in factory....
Brazilians crying again
neymar style
France police WTF
sure and they come in france for open a kebab !!! all turkish in france they have a mustache and work in a doner :o
France police WTF
and half of your family can receive visits all day from 9h to 19h at the vincennes zoo !! don't forget the peanuts to throw them between the fences
France police WTF
oh god it's made my day !!!!!
Super pi 1m
and it's was just in 3.5ghz i have push my o/c until 4.9ghz with a noctuah nh12 but is was not stable 24h in stress test but if i don't say shit i was in 11.9s in superpi