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I thought you meant the ranks as well, I am sorry. Fallen is someone that does a lot for the Brazil community and I think that he did it, because of the crowd, but that is my opinion.
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
Can I just point out that your username is "GERMANIC_SUPERIORITY", this sound a bit like back in 1930. I do not know if this is your political orientation, but if it is so I am worried.
Virtus.pro vs G2
Rate this grill
G2 vs mousesports
None are majors.
North vs NRG
+1 Well thought of comment
CyberZen vs mousesports
That comment made my day. No Offense, maybe Cyberzen had a bad day, maybe not idk.
star series winner
Yes I forgot Ence, but Ence is pretty inconsistent, if they are in good form then they are a team to contend with top 5.
star series winner
I am sorry that I offended you, I just wanted to give my opinion. So in your opinion who will win this tournament?
star series winner
I think Gambit is also one of the teams to watch out same as NRG.
star series winner
Yeah I mean they are in a pretty good form, of course the clash of titans is nice to watch, but sometimes the matches between lower tier teams can be more entertaining.
star series winner
I believe that either Mouz or Renegades will take this one. But the competition is there, not top tier but still looking forward to watch this. :)
Astralis vs NiP
I do not want to say that you are going to see this match on pornsites under the category "rape", but Nip has a really bad match history in recent times and Nuke ist Astralis most dominant match, so t...
eUnited vs AVANGAR
Not only does this post discriminate people from a religion, but it also suggests that Avengar is a muslim organisation, but this is esports the organisation has nothing to do with any religion and it...