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worst transfers in csgo history ever
The ence move honestly wasnt that bad, that team was already dead in the water. Once the aug got nerfed ence died. Did -aleksib hurt ence? Sure, but realistically it probably didnt make much of a dif...
what does mechanical aim mean?
Can't say iv ever heard someone say "mechanical aim" but here are a couple of things that might be helpful. Mechanics in cs typically mean physical attributes of a player, things like reaction time a...
Rankings Explained
=) Yeah i think if big or heroic win, they will surely be top1 Navi and astralis a little bit further out, so im not 100% sure they could make it to top 1 if they win especially if big or heroic get...
Rankings Explained
Exactly dude, they had point decay on a bunch of 3-4th and 5-6th place finishes and then a win at ESL One Cologne and they only got 46 points. This literally only lends credence to the fact that NA to...
Rankings Explained
Sure man, i don't disagree that EG isn't the best team in the world, but their position at #1 on the HLTV rankings makes perfect sense.
Rankings Explained
no, the only new event included between august 24th and august 31st was ESL One Cologne. You genuinely have no understanding of the ranking system do you?
Rankings Explained
EU tourneys are worth way more than NA tourneys. For example, EG gained 46 points after winning ESL One Cologne, Heroic gained 358 points after winning ESL One Cologne. Heroic gained 7.78x as many p...
Rankings Explained
EG only got 63 points from the tournament, the top 3 in the ranking previous to this one were all within 40 points of each other. Dont complain about the placements if you dont even understand how the...
Rankings Explained
i agree 100% it's all fine and dandy to use the eye test to try and determine who the best team in the world is but any point based global ranking system is just gonna be pointless in the current sit...
Rankings Explained
thanks =)
Rankings Explained
"So stop complaining and learn to read."