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A proper igl to faze
cajun and karrigan did it once.
A proper igl to faze
idk why noone does consider gob b. he is the guy who discovered NiKo. and he is a great tactitian which is I think what they need.
pls Shox to Faze
pls no, do you want smithzz in faze?
Ange1 to FaZe
Ange1 to FaZe
karrigan and cajunb were partial owners of Astralis yet they left as well
ChrisJ to faze?
-NiKo -karrigan +ChrisJ +s1mple this is the only way to bring ChrisJ to FaZe and get back on top
VP dream roster (polish)
Polish dream roster with Snax and Byali? never
1. A 2. A 3. A 4. C 5. Faze or NiP 6. B 7. Mac-10, provides 600 for a kill, costs 1050 and you can clear out whole site with it 8. D+E simultaneously, like NBK or Karrigan 9. A 10. A, not knives thoug...
Major final format
Imo it should be more difficult to become a legend rather than change playoff format. 3 bo1s can guarantee you a playoff spot. And let's ask ourselves do we really wanna see teams like complexity in a...
Karrigan to North
+1, miss device on the rifle btw
messi = s1mple
But he has never won the most important trophy and that's the point
olof plays support role btw (however he is forced to)
2019 Who will win astralis?
The only way for MiBR to be #1 again is to get felps
FaZe need our love
Game vs Mibr has proven Faze doesn't need to remove Guardian
FaZe need our love
I remember that! Cluj-Napoca was a fantastic run and they could actually win it all, but then they all really stepped down, showing how big was dennis impact on this team