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I met s1mple, electronic,Zeus in DM
niko’s cfg how original
Best CPU?
> “You are a disabled person?” > “ryzen 7 1700”
raz-raz-raz, eto hardbass, vse v sportivkah adidas
russian rap sucks
Steelseries kana thor - What current mouse is similar?
What about SteelSeries Rival 106? A good sensor (TrueMove 1) compared to the Rival 105, which is at the level of PMW3325. The only thing that is wrong is that the Rival 106 is a variation of the Riv...
What is the length of NiKo's hair had in early 2018? I experience some problems with hair (can’t specifically wash my scalp with my current hair length, which causes faded skin (or just dandruff)), ju...
i r8 your 1st knife
Flip Knife | Ultraviolet (FT) in 2016
zowie s2 or za13?
the length of my arm is 19cm, I like the ZA13, I fit completely, not like w/ Kinzu
Build me a PC HLTV
Well, so far I have chosen i5-9600k (OEM) and Gigabyte Aorus RGB 2x8 GB Kit (3200 MHz, CL16, Samsung B-Die chips) from the combination CPU+Motherboard+RAM, but on the motherboard there's a choice betw...
Build me a PC HLTV
There are no FPS above 200 at all on bots of experienced complexity (i take it as an analogue of the game on servers with 128-tickrate), except for those moments when there's freeze time and you don’t...
Build me a PC HLTV
I have an i7-7700 processor, its frequency is clearly not enough even in Turbo Boost, and this I'm not talking about my motherboard (Asus PRIME B250M-Plus) and RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX, 2400 MHz, CL...
Build me a PC HLTV
The budget btw is only € 500, I don’t want to break delivery to loved ones and I won't order a large amount in my country
Build me a PC HLTV
Could you help me too? I have a CPU Cooler (Zalman CNPS10X Optima (I know this is dog shit, but I’ll change to NH-D15)), Storage (850 Evo 120 GB + Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (ST1000DM003-9YN162)), Video C...
r8 PC
What’s your MoBo? What about the rating - 8/10, weak OCing
RYZEN 5 2400G
better buy used parts