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I am 27 year old virgin
ok wait im confused... How can u be 16 and 17.5? And how can u date and not date at the same time?
I am 27 year old virgin
She isnt into sex ????? wtf beta girl? or 13yo?
UK Teen tried killing 6 year old
Double clickbait: "An autistic teenager" yhh woooooooow
Evil geniuses laugh threat
I had it from 1 major onwords
Evil geniuses laugh threat
you stole my name
TOP 20 prediction tool
idk not advanced enough yet There is no way s1mple gets in front of dev1ce with 0 tier 1 tournaments victories and massive chokes in important matches in those There is also no way gla1ve wont get o...
German far-righters
Your salary in ARGENTINE PESOS
I know the truth is hard but the peso lost most of its value under ur republican party
westbrook of cs great player but padding like shit
why would I play poker online without money ?
NBA Awards Predictions and Playoff Predictions
man u cant be serious about the Heat lol They will probably make playoffs in 6th or 7th spot and will go out in first round against 76ers, Celtics or Raptors
NBA Awards Predictions and Playoff Predictions
I really hope I dont have to see another james mvp and james championship
NBA Awards Predictions and Playoff Predictions
MVP: James Harden MIP: Brandon Ingram DPOY: Leonard 6th Man: Lou Williams ROY: Ja Morant COY: Rick Carlisle 1st Seed West: Lakers 1st Seed East: Bucks Finals: Rockets vs Bucks bet on it, Thank me ...
Obama please come back
please please GOOGLE SOCIALISM ! actually educate yourself please! Not even bernie sanders is a true socialist in what he is proposing as policies.