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r8 my cats
I've got only one cat, bit arsehole got fuckin wide overtime, I'd fuck both!
I'm moving to England..
better than none
I'm moving to England..
"The Peru healthcare system is organized so that all Peruvians regardless of income can have free health services." Even though the country is utter 3rd world
I'm moving to England..
Go ahead and rate whether or not a country is a tier 1 country in the gop. Fact is though, Germany has total health ensurance ALWAYS no compromises even for not working people Germany has tuition f...
I'm moving to England..
us is not 1st world don't be delusional please.
It is Actually true, as someone in the venue I can talk you, it was incredibly loud like he couldn't have overheard it! Sad but true
Vitality vs Liquid
WTF device literally played the worst series in the last 2 years. gla1ve wasn't on point either.
> asian > best pick one
They also destroyed every single American team and fnatic before they played against astralis. While MVP is not even a top 100 team
nope you are clearly delusional
just wondering where MVP pk is in the ranking and where furia is.. little difference don't u think?
S1mple wasting his life
Would actually be quiet fun if the story were to match. I also doubt he will though.
S1mple wasting his life
he is like lebron in fucking Cleveland not gonna win shit before he goes to unite with some good players (ie Miami)
I guess your age
League of Legends Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Cats 7000 (6000csgo, 1000 CDs) and 15$ or so March 0* 19**
USA will attack IRAN
NONO not pointless!! 1!1!1!11!1!1!1! Many American citizens like [insert random American oil company manager] will not only get 30million in bonuses but now 60milion just at the cost of hundreds of b...